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Game:Beast's Castle

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Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Battle Levels[edit]




# Item Location Notes
1 Tent icon AP Boost Courtyard
2 Potion icon Hi-Potion Courtyard
3 Material icon Mythril Shard Courtyard
4 Key item icon Castle Map Belle's Room
5 Material icon Mythril Shard[KH II]
Key item icon Mega Recipe[KH II FM]
Belle's Room
6 Potion icon Hi-Potion[KH II]
Material icon Mythril Shard[KH II FM]
The East Wing
7 Tent icon Tent The East Wing
8 Potion icon Hi-Potion The West Hall
9 Material icon Mythril Shard The West Hall
10 Tent icon Drive Recovery[KH II]
Material icon Power Shard[KH II FM]
The West Hall
11 Material icon Mythril Shard The West Hall
12 Tent icon AP Boost The West Hall
13 Tent icon Tent[KH II]
Material icon Bright Stone[KH II FM]
The West Hall
14 Key item icon Basement Map Dungeon
15 Tent icon AP Boost Dungeon
16 Material icon Mythril Shard Secret Passage
17 Potion icon Hi-Potion Secret Passage
18 Potion icon Mega-Potion[KH II]
Material icon Lucid Shard[KH II FM]
Secret Passage
19 Material icon Mythril Shard The West Wing
20 Tent icon Tent The West Wing
21 Key item icon Mega Recipe[KH II]
Material icon Blazing Shard[KH II FM]
The Beast's Room

Puzzle Pieces[edit]

# Puzzle Piece Location Notes
1 Sunset #37 Entrance Hall Need Glide and Aerial Dodge.
2 Awakening #6 The Beast's Room
3 Daylight #43 The West Hall Need LV2 High Jump and Aerial Dodge. In front of the statue's face.
4 Heart #12 The West Wing By the staircase.
5 Awakening #4 Undercroft Top left, back. Accessible by climbing a big pile of furniture.
6 Awakening #10 Undercroft Atop a small pile of furniture.
7 Awakening #7 Secret Passage At highest point.
8 Awakening #9 Secret Passage From the entrance, go straight and turn right.
9 Sunset #28 Bridge

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]