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Chain Rave

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Chain Rave
(チェーンレイヴ Chēn Reivu?)
Chain Rave KHREC.gif
Hold your Keyblade by the chain and swing it around as you charge. Enemy attacks will bounce right off.
Attack No. of Hits Power Critical % Clock Gauge Blocks Hit
LV 0 LV 50 LV 100
Chain Rave 4 0.88 1.19 1.5 3% 140 Multiple
Type Element Status Reload
Aerial Use Keyblade Reach
Attack Command Physical 20 seconds X
Max CP Memory Consumption Buy Shop LV Sell
300 13% 11000 7 500
Goofy Command Compiled Command
Goofy Tornado Sonic Surge LV3

Chain Rave is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. It allows the user to hold the Keyblade by the Keychain and swing it around while charging, deflecting enemy attacks.


The concept of swinging the Keyblade by the Keychain to attack was originally planned for Kingdom Hearts, with concept art showing Sora and Riku doing so.[citation needed]


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In Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, Chain Rave is an Attack command that has a memory consumption of 13%, a base reload time of 20 seconds.

Learning Chain Rave[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]

Command Conversion[edit]

Chain Rave is an Attack Command that can be converted through four different recipes.

Synthesized commands[edit]

Chain Rave is used to convert the following commands: