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Ok, first things first. Basically, for anything not immediately specific to KH, you'll find a lot more info on my FFWiki userpage.

I'd be grateful if you're also willing to visit Puzzles Wiki, which I've adopted. If you stay and contribute, I'd be even more grateful!

About me...sort of

I am Sorceror Nobody (not to be confused with Sorcerer Nobodies). Although I am a Nobody, I am not under Xemnas's control, nor am I affiliated in any way with Organization XIII. I like it that way, since most of them are losers, except for Axel, Roxas and Xion. Luxord, Zexion and Demyx are also awesome guys. Anyway, the point is that I am a fan of Final Fantasy and (series)|, with KHII and 358/2 Days being among the stronger candidates for my favourite game ever. I have FFVI, VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, XII, XII: Revenant Wings, Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates and Tactics A2, as well as The World Ends With You and, of course, KH, KHII and 358/2 Days. I have completed both FF Tactics Advance and KH Chain of Memories, but don't actually have either. When the hell is Re:CoM going to be released in the PAL regions, for f*ck's sake!?

I am also on FFWiki, TWEWY Wiki, YouTube, DeviantArt and Feel free to check out my videos, my Deviations (including a couple of my own Keyblade designs) and my fanfiction, which has finally been updated with (omigosh!) a third chapter.

Sorceror Nobody – The Supreme Nonentity
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This is my talk template. The image is randomly selected each time, wherever the template is used. Yes, I do plan to fill the below table, so expect more images in the near future.

Category: Demonstration
SN-CoM-card_zps55d53f87.png Sorceror Nobody I II SNTalkXaldin_zpscf98901f.png III: Xaldin SNTalkVexen_zps172bc8ec.png IV: Vexen SNTalkLexaeus_zpsa861b369.png V: Lexaeus SNTalkZexion_zpsf5c5a643.png VI: Zexion SNTalkSaiumlx_zps4deb5f97.png
SNTalkAxel_zps376f0935.png VIII: Axel SNTalkDemyx_zpsf33f6c61.png IX: Demyx SNTalkLuxord_zpsb158a7d4.png X: Luxord XI XII SNTalkRoxas_zpsae2eda6a.png XIII: Roxas SNTalkXion_zps6684d27a.png XIV: Xion


Feel free to ignore this section... it's just me talking about what I've managed to do. I'm not even claiming that my acheivements are particularly impressive: there's always going to be someone out there who's done better after all... except for anything where I have the optimum record (maximum score or whatever). All such perfect records are in red text.

Important note about records:

The values listed below are only those that I have existing save file evidence of, and may not therefore be my actual records. Any better record (achieved by me) than that shown here must be from an old (i.e. deleted) save file. Therefore, any record stated below is one which I either still have the save file for, or at least had the save file at the time of writing the record here.

Kingdom Hearts

Olympus Coliseum Cup Record Time Remaining
Phil Cup 01'42"19
Pegasus Cup 00'13"59
Hercules Cup 00'28"79
Hades Cup 01'51"13

Minigame Record Notes
Jungle Slider 00'32"03 All 10 fruits collected
01'28"51 All 20 fruits collected
01'53"83 All 30 fruits collected
02'43"89 All 40 fruits collected
02'51"16 All 50 fruits collected
Vine Jump (No Glide cheating) ... Jump Course
... Trap Course
... Acrobat Course
... Expert Course
Pooh's Hunny Hunt 265 licks N/A
Block Tigger 216 points N/A
Pooh's Swing 43 yards N/A
Tigger's Giant Pot 00'29"11 N/A
Pooh's Muddy Path 03'30"06 N/A

Rare Truffle Hits Record 4 hits

Record Score - Sora vs Riku 99 vs 30

Chain of Memories

Completed both storylines. Completed the Journal and D Report, including all of the Enemy Cards for the Journal - which is quite a bit harder than you might think... well not hard, but takes bloody ages.

Kingdom Hearts II

Proud Mode completed (repeatedly), 100% Journal completion, all characters at level 99, Summon and all Drive Forms at level 7, 100% Gummi Route completion. I have also defeated Sephiroth on one save file without using any items at level 99, and again more recently on another file, defeating him both faster and at a lower level (level 89 to be precise). It is fairly safe to assume that all of my records are on Proud Mode, as only the first of my many save files was Standard Mode.

While I don't tend to go out of my way to beat my own records, on the "endurance"-type ones (like Grandstander and Balloon Bounce) I will keep going as long as I can when doing it. I may not be the sort of person to try to better myself at every opportunity, but I'm also not the sort of person who does the bare minimum when I can go for a massive record.

Incidentally, there are some minigames I will try repeatedly to better myself on, including (for example) Poster Duty. Shaving off (fractionally less than) a second from 00'25"03 to the current record was a major improvement. One second is massive on this scale.

Minigame Record Notes
Twilight Town
Mail Delivery 00'07"83 N/A
Cargo Climb 00'10"74 N/A
Grandstander 1559 hits N/A
Poster Duty 00'24"06 N/A
Bumble Buster 00'02"79 N/A
Junk Sweep 1 hit N/A
SB Street Rave 2226 points N/A
Hollow Bastion (Radiant Garden)
SB Freestyle 2533 points N/A
Olympus Coliseum
Phil's Training 1891 points N/A
Underdrome High Scores 6183 points Pain and Panic
1693 points Cerberus
7099 points Titan
4776 points Goddess of Fate
4276 points Pain and Panic Paradox
1582 points Cerberus Paradox
11053 points Titan Paradox
23848 points Hades Paradox
Magic Carpet 65 Heartless N/A
SB Sand Slider 16 points N/A
Halloween Town
Gift Wrapping 181 points N/A
SB Workshop Rave 1847 points N/A
Port Royal
SB Time Attack 00'18"14 N/A
Space Paranoids
Light Cycle 37 Heartless N/A
100 Acre Wood
A Blustery Rescue 19170 points N/A
Hunny Slider 9872 points N/A
Balloon Bounce 15644 points N/A
The Expotition 01'04"06 N/A
The Hunny Pot 9999 points N/A

Gummi Route Mission Medal Lv. Enemies Score
Asteroid Sweep 1 Crown 30 (S) 376 1227630
2 Crown 30 575 (S) 2511841
3 30 773 2526689 (S+4)
Stardust Sweep 1 Crown 30 (S) 358 1770761
2 30 616 (S) 2117749
3 30 (S) 699 3364849 (S+6)
Phantom Storm 1 30 (S) 795 2298316
2 30 642 (S) 2300869
3 30 (S) 1133 2740759 (S+4)
Splash Island 1 30 (S) 408 1206563
2 30 470 (S) 1256906
3 30 (S) 761 1737489 (S+3)
Floating Island 1 30 (S) 291 1272830
2 30 387 (S) 2151195
3 30 368 1556589 (S+3)
Ancient Highway 1 30 (S) 211 1471282
2 30 409 (S) 1692369
3 30 361 1624059 (S+3)
Broken Highway 1 30 (S) 252 1292364
2 30 401 (S) 2074449
3 30 630 1518049 (S+3)
Sunlight Storm 1 30 (S) 505 1382539
2 30 702 (S) 4059399
3 30 728 3783939 (S+6)
Assault of

the Dreadnought

1 30 (S) 427 2675799
2 30 708 (S) 3168669
3 30 526 5535159 (S+5)

Note: Ranks are only given for the Mission Parameter that is relevant to the Mission Level. However, I have included the other two Parameters in each case because each Mission Level is technically a different challenge even for any single Gummi Route, and therefore the achievement of records is applicable to all three Parameters for all 27 Gummi Missions. Also note that the non-ranked ones are not necessarily my best because unlike with the Mission Parameters, the game doesn't keep a visible list of your high scores on the Non-Mission Parameters, so I have to rely on beating my existing record in order to be told what my new record is.

Incidentally, have you noticed that the Score Parameter almost always ends in a 9? Weird, huh?

Note 2: Missions with a crown (Crown) next to them are ones that I've flown using a Gummi Ship which has the Crown Gummi attached to it... and have survived to reach the finish line! <drama>OH... MY... GOD...!</drama>


Here is some standard trivia:

  • I invented the term "xagranam", which is an anagram with the letter X added, i.e. the process by which Organization XIII members are named. Of course, "xagranam" is an example of itself, being a xagranam of the word anagram.
  • I have created a few comedic scenes using sprites from Chain of Memories. You can see them here.

The following "trivia" are things that happened to me in any of the three Kingdom Hearts games that were unusual, cool, interesting, amusing, scarily coincidental, just plain weird, etc.

DISCLAIMER: My opinion of the above terms (i.e. interesting/cool/etc.) may differ wildly from yours!

  • On one occasion while playing Kingdom Hearts, after completing the Hercules Cup and acquiring Metal Chocobo, I used the Yellow Trinity to obtain Olympia. When I then equipped Olympia, Sora was holding the Metal Chocobo, but a quick look at the equipment menu confirmed that Olympia was the equipped keychain! Unfortunately, I inadvertently corrected this interesting glitch with no opportunity for further investigation, and have since been unable to reproduce it.
  • At one point, observing the three KH save files on the Load screen, one was at 18:28 play time. Doubling this time gives 36:56, surprisingly close to another of the play times (36:49). That's nothing... doubling 36:49 gives 73:38. The third save file had a play time of... 73:37. This was all purely accidental.

Game Challenges

This is such a popular concept among video gamers, so I thought I'd devise some. Be warned, most of them are outright daft and suggested mostly for the sake of amusement. Still, some of them are feasible, and a couple are actually ones I've done. Each challenge has up to two of the following tags:

(SN) Challenge has been completed by me at least once.
(IM) Challenge is definitely or most likely impossible.
(AB) Challenge is possible but also absurdly difficult.
(PL) Challenge is plausible, and could probably be done.
(ZZ) Challenge is easy, but time-consuming and boring.

Kingdom Hearts

No Abilities (AB)

Complete the storyline without equipping any of Sora's abilities, except during any time when gameplay cannot progress without it. Shared abilities are permitted through this excepting case.

Sephiroth No Abilities (AB)

Defeat Sephiroth without any of Sora's abilities equipped. Shared abilities must also be disabled.

Phantom No Stop (IM)

Defeat Phantom without using Stop magic.

99 Coconuts (SN) (ZZ)

Collect 99 coconuts on the Destiny Islands.

Riku Sucks (ZZ)

Get a Sora vs Riku score of 99/0 on Destiny Islands.

Sora Sucks (ZZ)

Get a Sora vs Riku score of 0/99 on Destiny Islands.

Chain of Memories

I'll let you know if I think of any.

Kingdom Hearts II

Roxas Lv99 (ZZ) (ZZ)

Get Roxas to Level 99 before the end of the 6th Day.

No Drives (PL)

Complete the storyline without using any Drive Forms.

No Abilities (AB)

Complete the storyline without equipping any of Sora's abilities, unless gameplay cannot progress without doing so.

Sephiroth No Abilities (AB)

Defeat Sephiroth without any abilities equipped.

Sephiroth No Items (SN) (PL)

Defeat Sephiroth without using any healing items.

Sephiroth No Magic (PL)

Defeat Sephiroth without using any spells. This only really applies to Cure and Reflect, since he's immune to everything else.

Sephiroth No All (AB) (AB)

All three of the above challenges combined.

Lap of Honour (AB) (AB)

Successfully reach the finish on all 27 Gummi Missions using a Gummi Ship which has the Crown Gummi attached. Yeah, so I myself have managed a few, but good luck surviving against the Final Hunter...

Minimal Experience (AB) (AB)

Complete the storyline with minimal exp. This is done by defeating enemies only if they are needed to progress the game.


Just my personal musing on several as-yet-unknown subjects.


Consider that the words "Undo" and "Redo" are opposites. So what does that imply about the words "Unversed" and "Reversed"? Although I actually have no idea where this would lead conceptually, it is undeniably an interesting idea.

As for my (now disproven) theory on the actual nature of the Unversed, consider the splitting of one's being:

Process Separated Element Remaining Elements Outcome
Succumbing to Darkness Heart Body, Soul Heartless + Nobody
Mortal Fatality (i.e. Death) Soul Body, Heart Freed Soul + Corpse
??? Body Heart, Soul Unversed...?

Roxas's "heart"

Why does Roxas act as if he has a heart? Here are a few theories:

  1. When Sora was restored by Kairi after becoming a Heartless, the restoration produced something not quite the same as, but having the essence of, a complete being. The body and soul "essences" of this were used in restoring Sora, but the heart "essence" would be excluded by Sora's own heart, which was of course in the form of a Heartless. So... where else can it go instead? Why, to the closest approximation to Sora possible: his Nobody. Thus Roxas doesn't actually have a true heart, but does have something closely approximating the characteristics of one.
  2. Substantial and prolonged exposure to, and usage of, the Keyblade effectively caused Roxas to (for want of a better word) "grow" a heart. This would explain why his emotional capacity seems to expand throughout 358/2 Days, as it increases in line with the development of the heart he is growing. Possible logic behind this theory is that the Keyblade should be anathema to Roxas, as he is a Nobody. However, because he can wield it, the result was that he naturally had to become less Nobody-like, which in combination with the Keyblade's Light nature, brought about the transformation. How else can an alignment-less being like a Nobody possibly have power over a strongly-aligned property like Light?

Random Questions

WARNING! Some questions may be unsuitable for younger readers!


  • What the hell is he? Roxas and Naminé have emotions, but this may be related to the fact that they aren't "normal" Nobodies. By contrast, Axel is, as far as we know, a "normal" Nobody, so why does he appear to have emotions too?


  • If Sora could see her, how would she look to him? Like himself, like Kairi, like her "normal" appearance, or something else?
  • If you took a photograph of her, what would it show? Would the photograph look different to different viewers like she does, or would it actually show her "true" appearance, whatever that may be? Or perhaps she would not appear in the photo at all...
  • If Sora and Xion had sex (with her in her "normal" female form, obviously), would it technically be a form of masturbation? :P