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These are scenes that I've created using sprites sourced from the Spriter's Resource. Credit for ripping the sprites goes to:

  • A. J. Nitro Battle Backgrounds, Battle Sprites, Jiminy Cricket
  • Aquatics64 Dumbo
  • Bacon Mickey
  • Blitz Fist Marche Radiuju (from FF Tactics Adv.)
  • Frario Donald
  • Incognito Cloud
  • Kei Striker Goofy, Kairi, Moogle, Naminé, Selphie, Tidus, Wakka
  • Nemu Aeris, Ariel, Axel, Cid, DiZ, Larxene, Leon, Marluxia, Shadow, Simba, Soldier, Sora, Unknown, Ursula, Vexen, Yuffie
  • Omega Heartless Atlantica Backgrounds, Wonder Land Backgrounds
  • Oshio Keyblades
  • Repoman Gargoyle
  • Roxas of the KHE and KH Sprites Twilight Town Event Backgrounds
  • Sorceror Nobody (i.e. me) Castle Oblivion Between-Floor Rooms
  • ?Unknown? Riku
  • Walker Ansem, Marluxia (Spectre)

The following are customised (usually crappily :P) by me:

  • The "Tournament" sign (fully custom)
  • Leon's Blitzball (fully custom)
  • Kairi's wounds and blood (fully custom)
  • Ariel's wounds and blood (fully custom)
  • The rope used to tie up Vexen (fully custom)
  • Bubbles from underwater moogle (fully custom)
  • Xemnas's Aerial Blades (fully custom)
  • Xigbar's Guns (derived from existing image)
  • Xaldin's Lances (fully custom)
  • Zexion's Lexicon (derived from existing image)
  • Saïx's Claymore (derived from existing image)
  • Demyx's Sitar (derived from existing image)
  • Sephiroth (derived from Riku, Aeris, Cloud, Ansem and Leon sprites)
  • The rope and gibbet used to hang Ariel (fully custom)

#01: Tournament


#02: Wonderland


#03: SuperShadow


#04: Replicas


#05: Atlantica


#06: Organization


#07: Scientist

If you don't get the joke, read this to see which FF character Vexen's Japanese VA voiced