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About me

  • Age: 16.
  • Date of Birth: 1996, April 17.
  • Real name: Atli Freyr Pálsson.
  • Favorite KH characters: Luxord and Roxas.
  • Favorite KH game: I will keep this one undecided until I try BbS and 3D.
  • Country: Iceland.
  • Gender: Male.


  • Food: BURRITO!!!
  • Video games (besides KH): Classic PS1 and PS2 platformers, Capcom fighting games, JRPG's and I recently burned out of interest in FPS game (Thanks a lot Call of Duty)
  • Movies: 300, the Harry Potter movies, LotR trilogy and in general most epic movies based on books.
  • Books: Tie between the Harry Potter and the Eragon series. Love fantasy stories!
  • Songs: A variety, but nothing recent, I'm very fond of songs from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's, hell even classics from over a hundred years ago such as Night on the Bald Mountain.
  • Holiday: Despite being Athiest (the only one is my school too) I still like Christmas....presents.
  • Month: December (see above).
  • Week Day: Friday.


  • Food: Fish, potatoes and many other things, I'm picky.
  • Video games: I guess there aren't any genres I really hate (Japanese dating simulator thingies maybe) but there are a number of games I dislike but I see no point in listing them all here.
  • Movies: Every movie that has the word "Movie" in it such as Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, Date Movie, Justin's Never say Never and the Twilight movie series.
  • Books: I could sit on a typewriter and write a better book than the Twilight series.
  • Songs: Every damn Justin Bieber song!
  • Holiday: Its a my country-only holiday that sucks ass cause it makes no sense.
  • Month: All the months in the Fall.
  • Week Day:...guess 6 times....Monday!


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I am currently making a KH II walktrough and if you are interested here is a link to the introduction