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Lea KHBBS.png
Name Isaac
A.K.A Axisac, (nobody form), Isey (by his girlfriend) Pyro (by Zack)
Currnet Residence Land of Departure Logo KHBBS.png
Accent Australian
Date of Birth IX/IXX
Keyblade Lost Memory KHBBS.png His Lost Memory
Personality Friendly, Sarcastic (at times), Quirky, Artistic, Weird, Quiet
Likes Drawing, Training, Aqua, Ven, Mickey, Zack.
Weapon Keyblade
Status Keyblade Apprentice
Summons Simba, Cloud, Mushu
D-Links Aqua D-Link KHBBS.pngVentus D-Link KHBBS.pngZack D-Link KHBBS.pngMickey D-Link KHBBS.png
Description Isaac is an ...... Interesting boy. He is a quiet kid, who spends most of his time drawing or reading. He inherited his Keyblade skills from Master Eraqus, which happened when Eraqus was in Radiant Garden getting supplies. He grabbed the keyblade outta his hand, unintentionally causing a KIC. Then when Xehanort was defeated for good, he saw Aqua walking, and asked her if she could train him to become a Keyblade master. She accepted and he has been training with her ever since. As he is being trained by a prominent magic user, he tends to rely on magic, but is not scared to use his Melee attacks. He fights front hand, and has extreme reach, but weaker strength. He is strongest when using fire magic, and weaker with Blizzard.

Hello, my name is Nekuyo2, and you may call me Nekuyo or Isaac. I know basic coding, so I tend to mess around with my signature.

About me

I am a Michigander (meaning I live on Michigan). My favorite KH characters are; Aqua, Ven, Roxas, Riku, Sora, Axel, Zexion, Xion, and finally Lea. My favorite games are KH, KH||, KH358/2D, KHCoM, and my absolute favorite, KHBBS. I CANNOT STAND Xemnas, Xigbar, All of the Xehanorts, Saïx, Vanitas, Terra, Pence, Larxene, and Xaldin. My favorite character design is the young version of Lea. My least favorite is the Anti Black Cloak (JUST A FRIGGIN RECOULER). Games other than KH I like; HM, PKMN, Sonic, TWEWY, AC, RT, and Spore.


Random Qoute of the week; STOP TALKING! -rigby regular show


Eternal Flames KHII.pngThe wandering MercanaryEternal Flames KHII.png

Wayfinder (Aqua) KHBBS.png
The wandering mercenary - Xion, why did you have to go.........
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Favorites (KH)

Orginization13: 3-way tie between Xion, Axel, and Roxas.

Keyblade: Star Seeker

Game: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Character: Tie between Aqua and Young Lea.

World: The World That Never Was

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