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  • Victory Fanfare* Mechy is BACK! WOOHOO!
Name Mechajin
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Birthday April 9th
Finished Games All KH games available in the UK. (I also have CoM, but have not finished it)
Wish I Was Playing Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix
Kingdom Hearts DD
Kingdom Hearts 3
Kid Icarus Uprising
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Most games coming out on the WiiU
Signature Keyblades Heart of Freindship, Soul of Loyalty
Current Theme Song Perfect (Clean Version)-P!nk
Playing Mass Effect, Dissidia 012 Sonic Rivals 2 Super Scribblenauts 3D Classics: Excitebike
Mechajin Walky Talky Page! :D — I fight for my friends! Nothing More, Nothing Less!

Friendship is the most important thing you can have!! Riku Save Face KHII.png

Hey there, I'm Mechajin, The Wiki's resident Annoying person. I'm prone to taking sudden, long wikibreaks, While I was gone on this most recent one, I fell in love with an Anime called My Ordinary Life (Nichijou in Japan) Got addicted to Minecraft, and authored a webcomic, called OneShotFail It was started on september 26th, when I uploaded the character bio comics, updated once, then started it's current schedule of updating on mondays and fridays. So Please. PLEASE. PLEASEPLEASEPLEAAAAASE check it out.Mobile rikukh1.png Mechajin I fight for my friends!
Riku Replica (Sprite) KHCOM.png This user is a handsome Wiki Prince and enjoys the social side of the wiki.
Sora_%28Sprite%29_KHCOM.png This user is male.
51jqMJU.png This user contributes using Mozilla Firefox.
760n2Dk.png This user defeated Ansem and started the epic story of Kingdom Hearts.
qk6vzKA.png This user defeated Xemnas and restored peace to the worlds.
viFYwhx.png This user took on Riku and discovered the secrets of Xion.
NyLVYjw.png This user has unlocked The King in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.
gOA7JF1.png This user has unlocked Sora in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.
weWh9JY.png This user has obtained Mission Crowns!
6LR24Jg.png This user has obtained Challenge Sigils!
jArRktg.png This user dove to the heart and completed Ventus's story.
6vqhXgC.png This user became the Lingering Will and completed Terra's story.
LiyFa5c.png This user destroyed the χ-blade and completed Aqua's story.
AquaCharm.png This user not only completed the trio's stories, but also completed the Final Episode.
poN37ln.png This user has obtained trophies in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep!
66PdF7h.png This user debugged the datascape.

j5Z0CTr.png This user has obtained trophies in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded!

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sho.gif You thought this user had no friends? As if!
Triquetra%20WHITE%20Even%20Smaller_zpsskbctwr7.png Find me on Steam! I am PrestonLass!

iaza19276213142500.gif This user has met and befriended a Mysterious Zorua.
DaysAxelTalk.png This user is best buddies with DDXIII. Inside each other's memories, we can live forever!
roxas4roxas.jpg This user sits on top of the Clock Tower to eat Ice-Cream with their good friend Roxas.
mwZb4dy.png This user is a fan of The World Ends with You.
DpXp3fI.png This user works for Aperture Science, and knows how to think with portals.

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