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DiZ KHII.png
Name Gnut2.0
Favorite characters DiZ
Favorite World The World that Never Was
Favorite Heartless Xehanort's Heartless
Favorite Nobody Luxord
Games Beaten KH, KHII
Favorite Boss/Villein Maleficent

Me and Kingdom Hearts

I Started to play Kingdom Hearts the same year it came out. Seven years later I finished the game. Sure it took a long time to do, but it wasn't because I didn't get into the game or anything. I just wanted to involve my self in the story more, and that meant not finishing it. After that, I spent some time on YouTube watching the clips from CoM to get the whole story without buying it. I just wasn't into the whole card thing and I also didn't like how the graphics where so subdued. I didn't get around to playing KHII for several years. Eventually, I got up the nerve to buy it. Half a year alter, I finished that as well.

Now I'm patiently waiting for the third game (to hopefully come out on PS2 or the Wii) and trying to figure out how to play BBS without buying a PSP (probably will just watch all the vids on Youtube again)

Personal (Under Construction)

First off, my username. it's Gnut2.0 (it means Gamenut2.0 and is pronounced g[EE] *space* nut2 POINT 0). Now that we got that cleared up, here's the rest of the info about me.


  • Reading
  • Playing Video games
  • watching movies
  • Eating good food
  • Friends, and lots of them


  • Boredom
  • people who make fun of other people without a good reason
  • Yelling
  • Reading a book that monologues...A LOT
  • Seeing a movie that should never had been made at all (looking straight at you Erogon the movie!)
  • Eating bad food
  • No friends
  • Not being able to make my profile page here look more organized for lack of skill

Talk bubbles

DiZ (Talk sprite) 1 KHCOM.png
Gnut2.0 - It is the fate of a Nobody...And a Heartless...Anyone who gets in the way really...
TALK - An entity shrouded in mystery...And idioms
I am a pawn of the world...and...and...*Ugh* God*#$@*@ why can't I get this line! *Sigh* I'm going to be in my Trailer if anyone needs me...


About Me
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