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Highwind (raft)

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The Highwind (ハイウインド Haiuindo?) is a raft built by Sora, Riku, and Kairi in Destiny Islands. The trio built it, hoping to set out and see new worlds; however, their plans went amiss when a storm broke out and Heartless attacked Destiny Islands.


Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Since a young age, Sora and Riku have always wanted to visit other worlds, and their interest grew when Kairi, a girl from a foreign world, came to Destiny Islands. Eventually, Sora and Riku became friends with Kairi and decided to build the raft to fulfill their desire to see new worlds.

On the first day, Kairi tells Sora to fetch the building materials for the raft. The raft is complete at the end of the day. On the second day, Sora and Riku race to decide who becomes captain and what the raft will be named. Riku wins the race and comes up with the name "Highwind".

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the series.
If Sora wins the race, the player chooses the name, although it is "Excalibur" (エクスカリバー Ekusukaribā?) by default.

After the race, Kairi then tells Sora to gather provisions for the journey. Later, Kairi jokes to Sora that they should leave with the raft with just the two of them.

Unfortunately, the trio's plans to set sail are broken when a storm breaks out and Heartless attack Destiny Islands, separating them across the world. It is unknown what the raft's current condition is and if it survived the storm or not.

Later on, Sora names the default model of the Gummi Ship after the raft.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

When Sora and Riku start their Mark of Mastery exams, they find themselves on the raft in the middle of the ocean within the Destiny Islands Sleeping World, where they encounter Ursula.

Other appearances[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

In Kingdom Hearts II, the "Highwind" series of Sample Blueprints is named after the raft.

List of items[edit]

In Kingdom Hearts, Kairi sends Sora to gather the remaining materials needed for the raft and journey.

Raft materials[edit]

On the first day in Destiny Islands, Sora must find them materials needed to finish building the raft and then give them to Kairi, who rewards him with a Hi-Potion if he brings them all at once.

Name Image Description Location Notes
Log (丸太 Maruta?) Log KH.png A log that washed up onto the shore.
Needed to build the raft.
Seashore At the duelling area of Tidus, Selphie and Wakka.
Seashore On the miniature island across the bridge.
Cloth (大きな布 Ōkina Nuno?, lit. "Big Cloth") Cloth KH.png A large sheet of white cloth.
Needed to build the raft.
Seashore Within a room of the massive treehouse, hanging from the wall.
Rope (ロープ Rōpu?) Rope KH.png A long, strong rope.
Needed to build the raft.
Seashore On the docks.

Travelling supplies[edit]

On the second day, Sora needs to gather food and water for the journey and then give them to Kairi, who again rewards him with a Hi-Potion if he brings them all at once. Beforehand, Kairi gives Sora the Empty Bottle so that he can fill it with water.

Name Image Description Location Notes
Empty Bottle (あきビン Aki Bin?) A bottle Kairi brought from her home.
Fill it with water for a voyage.
N/A Transforms into Drinking Water.
Drinking Water (飲み水 Nomi Mizu?) A bottle of pure, fresh water.
A provision for the raft.
Seashore/Cove From the spring outside the Secret Place or from the spring in the wall of the Cove.
Seagull Egg (海ドリのタマゴ Umidori no Tamago?, lit. "Seabird Egg") Seagull Egg KH.png An egg with a very tough shell.
A provision for the raft.
Seashore Climb the trees above the Seaside Shack.
Coconut (木の実 Kinomi?, lit. "Fruit") Coconut KH.png A coconut from a coco palm tree.
A provision for the raft.
Seashore/Cove Drops from a palm tree when attacked. Two yellow coconuts must be gathered.
Fish ( Sakana?) Fish KH.png A small fish caught in the shallows.
A provision for the raft.
Seashore Swims around in seawater. Three fish must be caught.
Mushroom (キノコ Kinoko?) Mushroom KH.png A mushroom that thrives in the dark.
A provision for the raft.
Cove In the bushes to the left of the zip-line tower.
Cove Behind a boulder below the zip-line tower.
Secret Place In front of the locked door.