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Game:Space Paranoids

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Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Battle Levels[edit]



  • The Light Cycle mini-game is unlocked after Sora completes it for the first time.



# Item Location Notes
1 Icon Key Item KHII.png Pit Cell Area Map Pit Cell
2 Icon Material KHII.png Mythril Crystal Pit Cell
3 Icon Potion KHII.png Mega-Potion[KH II]
Icon Material KHII.png Dark Crystal[KH II FM]
4 Icon Material KHII.png Mythril Stone Canyon
5 Icon Material KHII.png Mythril Gem Canyon
6 Icon Tent KHII.png Drive Recovery[KH II]
Icon Material KHII.png Frost Crystal[KH II FM]
7 Icon Tent KHII.png Tent[KH II]
Icon Material KHII.png Power Crystal[KH II FM]
I/O Tower: Hallway
8 Icon Tent KHII.png AP Boost I/O Tower: Hallway
9 Icon Key Item KHII.png I/O Tower Map I/O Tower: Communications Room
10 Icon Armor KHII.png Gaia Belt I/O Tower: Communications Room
11 Icon Tent KHII.png AP Boost Central Computer Mesa
12 Icon Material KHII.png Orichalcum+ Central Computer Mesa
13 Icon Accessory KHII.png Cosmic Arts Central Computer Mesa
14 Icon Key Item KHII.png Central Computer Core Map Central Computer Mesa

Puzzle Pieces[edit]

# Puzzle Piece Location Notes
1 Sunset #44 Canyon Need LV2 Glide.
2 Daylight #38 Canyon On the top ledge in area with the computer.
3 Sunset #3 Solar Sailor Simulation
4 Sunset #46 Central Computer Core On the other side of entrance.