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Explosion (ability)

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You may be looking for Axel's Limit Break or the compiled command from Re:coded.

(エクスプロージョン Ekusupurōjon?)
Explosion KHII.gif
Unleashes a finishing combo move that knocks down several enemies. Damage dealt is relative to magic skill.
Attack Element Power Drive Value Deflect Finishing
Explosion Magic icon Neutral x0.25 1 X O
Knockback Magic icon Neutral x1.5 3 X O
AP Cost 3 MP Cost 0

(エクスプロージョン Ekusupurōjon?)
Explosion KHBBS.gif
Smite enemies with a powerful jumping attack that causes a massive explosion and always stuns enemies caught in the blast.
Attack No. of Hits Power
Explosion 2 4.5
Element Status Level
Attack icon Physical Stun (100%/3.3s) 5
(エクスプロージョン Ekusupurōjon?)
Explosion as it appears in Kingdom Hearts III.
Punish enemies with a ring of powerful, revolving orbs. Your Magic stat determines damage. (Combo finisher: while grounded)
Attack Element Power Guard? Status
Form Value Reaction Value Revenge Value Repel LV
Explosion Magic icon Neutral 0.4(x3) + 0.8 O
4(x3) + 10 1(x4) 0.15(x3) + 0.25

Explosion is an ability that appears in Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, and Kingdom Hearts III. It allows the user to generate a blast of magic that damages surrounding enemies.


In Kingdom Hearts II, Explosion is an action ability that costs 3 AP to equip. It is a ground combo finisher that activates if Sora is surrounded by multiple enemies, or by default if Guard Break is not equipped. It deals four hits to enemies, followed by an additional two hits from the knockback. Explosion deals Neutral damage relative to Sora's Magic stat.

In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Explosion is a Level 5 Finish command. The user charges energy briefly before slamming their Keyblade down, creating a large rippling shockwave of light that stuns foes.

In Kingdom Hearts III, Explosion is an action ability accessible in Second Form. It is the form's first ground combo finisher and deals Neutral damage. The attack has more vertical and less horizontal range than in Kingdom Hearts II.

Learning Explosion[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix[edit]

  • Sora learns Explosion after defending the Solar Sailor Simulation in Space Paranoids.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

  • Terra learns Explosion after earning 6400 CP while Dark Star 1 is the equipped Finish command.
  • Ventus learns Explosion after earning 6400 CP while Air Flair 3 is the equipped Finish command.
  • Aqua learns Explosion after earning 6400 CP while Magic Pulse 3 is the equipped Finish command

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • Second Form has Explosion as a default ability.