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I don't know how many threads there are about this but it just has to be said. Why won't they put Sora in any Dissidia games!? I mean, come on! Lots of fans out there have thousands of requests for Dissidia 2 characters, and about half of them might actually be answered (though most of them will of course be FF characters). But I'm sure I speak for about half of those guys when I say that we demand that Sora be put in a future Dissidia! I have been playing Dissidia for a while now and I have recently looked into some facts on Dissidia (well, ok I checked the Final Fantasy wiki but the facts there are about as reliable as ours, which is about 87% reliable) and while one of the producers thought that including Kingdom Hearts characters in a sequel would be interesting but Nomura has stated that although he would try to produce a sequel, he would not include Kingdom Hearts characters. But Sora would be so awsome! Tell me what you guys think, because when it comes to gameing sequels, about 40% to 70% of the results are because of the fan's requests. AROS 13:43, April 24, 2010 (UTC) Should've put this on the ff wikiKhruler 03:07, April 25, 2010 (UTC)

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Vanitas Sprite KHBBS.pngZexion (card).pngUuum, you do know their isn't going to be a Dissidia 2, right?

Nomura said so himself. Plus, I don't know why your yelling at us about it. We don't make these game.

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Square Enix Will "Do Its Best" For a Dissidia Final Fantasy Sequel

High sales have lead Dissidia Final Fantasy to be a success. When asked about the inevitable Dissidia 2, Square Enix game designer Tetsuya Nomura replied, "I'll do my best for a sequel to Dissidia Final Fantasy!"

Source: Kotaku, Interview

Now, you either just lied, or you don't know yourself. BUT, yes, I believe Sora should be in Dissidia 2, :j

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Xemnas's Replica Data KHIIFM.png Nomura has commented that he considered adding KH characters to the first Dissidia game I believe, and Dissidia itself was originally going to be about KH characters, so it's possible. It would be interesting to say the least. By the way, I don't know what you mean but "they haven't put him in any Dissidia games". There's only been one game. Also, what exactly do you mean by "our facts are about 87% reliable"? Where did that number come from? I like to think that we are very acurate, or at least try to be.

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I was thinking about Dissidia with KH characters, now that would be cool. Like Sora in his KH2 outfit and his KH outfit for alt costume, Ultima Weapon as his EX-Weapon and Trinity Limit as his Ex-Burst. And for Roxas his Black Coat and his Twilight Town outfit as alt costume, Oathkeeper/Oblivion as his EX-Weapon and Magis Hour as his EX-Burst! whoo! I hope Tetsuya Nomura do make Dissidia KH too!

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Some KH characters in Dissidia would not only attract more of the KH fans in (the part that doesnt play FF's who are rather few id say) but it would be interesting for the story like why are Sora, Roxas and Riku (Who else but these three) there, how is Roxas..not inside Sora, among many other things. But the chances are rather low that there will be KH character, there might not even be a Dissidia II, so dont get your hopes up too much but more importantly dont start yelling out something you want in a game that might not even be made.

Why guest in FF Dissidia When There could be a KH Dissidia. Come on, there are already many KH character like Organization 13, Vanitas, Mickey. Riku and Roxas should be the characters with unstable sides. Powering up should be done by panel system in Days + panels with the attack moves in BBS.

User: Antisocialite Just call it Dissidia 2 and add in an absolute load of characters from both FF and KH. And hell yes to Sora being included. Antisocialite 11:55, August 28, 2010 (UTC)