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User Name: AROS

Real Name: Kyle

Age: 18

Birth Date: 2/20/1994

Hobies: Playing video games (Kingdom Hearts, duh), watching TV, playing outside, swords, etc.

Dreams: To obtain the Keyblade, go on an adventure like Sora, and become a hero. Also, to make friends (in both real and digital worlds).

Main Attribute if ever put in a Kingdom Hearts Adventure: The sun/light behind the clouds.

Fan of: Sora (and by extention every other character connected to Sora)

Fandom: STILL working on a Trilogy Fan-Fiction for Kingdom Hearts III (calling it the "3Ds" Saga), though still stuck in concept, lazy like most authors (but thats only because the real world competes for our attention most of the time), and I'm focusing too much on the second story (with only the first two chapters of the first story published), but I guess that's because that's where my original characters come in, so go figure. If interseted go to and search for Kingdom Hearts: Reconnect (by Kyle XY, because the title is very popular and widely used).

More info in due time.

  • NOTE* -- No matter where the communy goes, my only regret is that I never did get to update much. But I guess it's like finishing a game, you don't need to be at lv. 99 to beat the final boss, sometimes you just have fight at the level you are. Maybe that's what's going on here. Well, see ya soon ... I promise.