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Cloudofdarkness - Schools out!!!!!
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What's your favorite KH song, mine's Sanctuary, the opening song to KH 2

"Simple and Clean" and "Sanctuary" I like "Simple and Clean" a little bit more Roxas321

Simple and Clean, opening song to KH. =D TheSwordofDoubt 05:32, 1 January 2008 (UTC)

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Scottyboy4 - Dance water dance!
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Sanctuary, that song rocks! Simple and Clean is good too though.
NëA 思い切って言う
since I'm tired from hordes of editing today, why not? Mine's Rage Awakened, the music played when you fight Terra/Enigmatic Knight. An impressive and Invasive war-like battle music, kinda reminds me of FF Tactics.
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Azul81677 - "Ebil minds think ebily alike." - A collaboration between 2 very ebil minds
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The slower version of "Simple and Clean", and "Passion" (Japanese: Sanctuary)

{two across- i like the other promise

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AetherWolf Talk · Contribs 20:25, 13 May 2008 (UTC)
Mine's also Rage Awakened.
Henryacores - You don't need a reason to help people
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Whatever plays on Twilight Town. Tat place is wonderful.

My fav song is Dearly Beloved. KH Girl 20:42, 31 May 2008 (UTC)

Cavern of Remebrance.Marexl 22:02, 31 May 2008 (UTC)Marexl

BebopKate - This one is Zazzles...because he's Zazzy!
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The end version of "Passion" and the boss battle theme "Desire for All That is Lost".
Muchomas35 - You are special. You exist between light and dark. You stand in the twilight.
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Namine's theme. It's very soothing. And all of the 13th songs, such as The 13th Struggle
Zolo6 - All that lies in this world of nothingness.
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Hikari or Simple and Clean in Japanese.

Dearly Beloved - SleepingDragon7 I almost cried when I put in KH the other day, Dearly Beloved/Simple and Clean/Santuary, I love the metal-ish part of sanctuary, when (In the CGI movie) they're running up the sprial stair case, and when it keeps flashing back and forth between Sora fighting Marluxia and Riku fighting Ansem

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FA icon.png Okay, favourite songs and soundtracks, from a music buff :
  • Sanctuary (ending) and Passion (ending). Those immediately gave me goosebumps.
  • Dearly Beloved (Kingdom Hearts II).
  • Roxas's theme and The Other Promise (Drammatica version).
  • Graceful Assassin (as well as the part which is linked to it in Another Side).
  • Namine's theme.
  • Cavern of Remembrance. I remember spending hours just listening to that track while doing a stressful Business Studies presentation.

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SnoweyShadow - Tu Ne Cede Malis Sed Contra Audentior Ito.
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Same here with multiple favs from the KH series:
  • Dearly Beloved
  • Another Side
  • Sanctuary
  • Roxas' Theme and The Other Promise
  • Fate of the Unknown

Think that's it, haven't completed Kingdom Hearts II or played Re:CoM yet :(

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Spievack - The REAL Ansem.
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Easy, The Other Promise/Roxas's theme from KH2FM, or Darkness of the Unknown from KH2

Dive into the Heart and Fragments of Sorrow, one of the most epic battle themes in the game! Digitopolis 09:29, 5 May 2009 (UTC)

mine are axel's theme and sanctuaryAnother-x 12:39, 16 May 2009 (UTC)

Mine is Organization XIII Theme, very sad/soothing/mystery mix, OR the sanctuary played backwards!! it's its own song you know look it up on youtube(dot)com. Organization XIII Saix-VII 9:15, may 25 2009

Firaga44 - Everyone's favorite anime nerd is back and kicking!Well not everyone's favorite but you people get the idea >.<
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simple and clean and kairi's theme all the way!
OPXion4EverIcon.png The Other Promise and Missing You are a few of my favorites..
Xion4ever Who am I? — 23:28, 20 August 2009 (UTC)
DarkestofHearts - You have poured so many memories into me, given me so much... that I feel like I'm about to overflow.
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Sanctuary, Simple and Clean, Roxas Theme, and Friends in my Heart!

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Flashpenny - You'll wear the face of despair.
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Guardiano nel Buio, Darkness of the Unknown, Graceful Assassin, Scherzo di Notte, The World That Never Was, Simple and Clean, Sanctuary, The Encounter. However my favorite one of them all you'll have to guess. I'll give you a hint, it starts with a T ends with a "he Deep End." Any guesses?

Eternal Nothingness XIII - Terra Master Symbol.png I'm not afraid of what the darkness holds now. Even if you do wrest control of my heart from me, even if you cast me into the deepest, darkest abyss, you'll never sway me from the one cause that pushes me to keep on fighting. Whatever the cost, I'm ready to pay it.
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Earthshaker Keychain KHBBS.png KH

  • Forze del Male
  • Shrouding Dark Cloud
  • Squirming Evil
  • The Deep End
  • Destiny's Force
  • Night of Fate


  • The Force in You
  • Revenge of Chaos
  • The 13th Struggle
  • Lord of the Castle
  • Graceful Assassin
  • Scythe of Petals
  • Night of Fate
  • Forgotten Challenge
  • Struggle Away
  • The Fight for my Friends


  • Disappeared
  • Darkness of the Unknown
  • A Fight to the Death
  • Vim and Vigor
  • Sinister Shadows
  • Disappeared
  • Tension Rising
  • The Encounter
  • Riku
  • Friends in my Heart
  • Sinister Sundowns
  • Fragments of Sorrow
  • One-Winged Angel
  • The 13th Dilemna
  • The Corrupted
  • He's a Pirate
  • Fields of Honor
  • Organization XIII
  • The 13th Struggle
  • Dance to the Death


  • Rage Awakened
  • Fate of the Unknown
  • A Night on Bare Mountain
  • The 13th Reflection
  • Cavern of Rememberance
  • Deep Anxiety
  • Another Side
  • Xion's Theme
  • Struggle Away/The Fight for my Friends Mix
  • The 13th Anthology
  • Xion's Battle Theme

J.Severe - If light and darkness are eternal, Square Enix and Disney should be too.
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A guy so awesome that he defies the laws of physics! "Simple and Clean"(instrumental), "Sanctuary", and "One Winged Angel". What's more to say?


Hmmm...don't have a favorite song...but One Winged Angel, Sancuary and the sad tune that plays for Organization XIII are good songs.

Personally, I think Square Enix should keep making their songs, but at the same time import songs from various sources, I find that a LOT of videos on Kingdom Hearts surfing around the internet fit in well. It's strange really...--Pkthis 18:31, September 13, 2009 (UTC)

Man tag1 - We don't accept resignations.
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Let me just say

Noli manere, manere in memoria
Noli manere, manere in memoria
Sephiroth, Sephiroth

One winged Angel

MasterTerra - You must make your heart strong.
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Vsymbol.png ANOTHER SIDE! I used to listen to that song on the KHII official site all the time before I got the soundtrack....It has a special place in my heart....anyways, I also love the bold use of it in the Organization XIII Battle themes like The 13th Dilemma and Lord of the Castle.

If I had to pick a second, I would say Fantasia Alla Marcia for Piano, Chorus, and Orchestra.

They are all great, but Disappeared is definitely my favorite. Just put that at Memory's Skyscraper, in the dark, in one heck of an eerie fight with Xemnas. It's just one of those moods.
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KingdomKeyDarkside - This is real…
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Dearly Beloved, Simple and Clean unremixed, The other promise, Dirge of the Fourteenth, Organization 13, and Xion's theme. They all invoke deep emotions in me.

Apart from Sanctuary and Simple and Clean my favourite pieces of music are squirming evil, vim and vigor, and the fight for my friends.

No.i - I'm Ventus. Call me Ven.
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I have a whole list of my favorite songs, and you can see it on my home page, but my absolute favorite is ventus's theme

I love every thing about the Kingdom Hearts series, so its only natural that I love all of the songs, tracks, themes, BGM's, etc. in the INTIRE SERIES! I guess though, in terms of categories, for field music: Destiny Islands, Twilight Town, Land of Departure, and any others (but mostly the first two); battle music: Deep Space, Cavern of Remembreance, Traverse Town (that theme has been in almost every game, even if the world isn't featured), and more as long as it is fast paced, edgey, and fits with the rythem of your attacks and movements very well (sounds like something Demyx would say); boss battle: Vanitas (regular and final), Rage Awakened, The Durge of the Fourteenth (I think that's what Xion's is called), The Other Promise, Unversed Boss ver. 1 (a.k. Wheel Master Version), Shrouding Dark Cloud, and pretty much every other boss music there is as long as it follows what I said for battle music above, but I especially love the final boss music's, because they are and have to be EPIC; main Themes/Other: Simple and Clean (both, but I really like the Renix, espicially the full remix, you can find it on youtube), Sanctuary (both, but mostly remix beause it has the extra metal version durring CoM scene), Dearly Beloved, etc.. But all in all, I LOVE IT ALL! But I am really getting into the Birth by Sleep tracks. AROS 15:28, April 25, 2010 (UTC)