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J.Severe - If light and darkness are eternal, Square Enix and Disney should be too.
TALK - The only Final Mix I actually want is Kingdom Hearts 3D Final Mix! There NEEDS to be a Final Mix for a game on a Nintendo console!
My user page, as used by me. I'm a short time fan of Kingdom Hearts - since July 5, 2008, but i've learned a lot since. And I mean a LOT. That is, thanks to this wiki.


J. Severe
Riku (Blindfolded) KHII.png
J. Severe
Home World Earth
Ally n/a
Birth date May 1, 1998
Favorite character(s) Riku (black cloak), King Mickey
Games Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Interactive wikis Wikipedia, Kingdom Hearts Wiki, Joel Severe Wiki, Stories and Info Wiki, Phineas Ferb Canon/Fanon Wiki, DOAWK Wiki
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First Story

A normal day in 1998 brought about the birth of J. Severe, the "Nobody" of Fran and Mike Severe. He arrived at Twilight Town and was dubbed J. Severxe by Xemnas. He was enrolled as No. 15 in the Organization. He never truly interacted with the other members, since they were busy with other stuff. They even left him out with they made the official "Organization XIII" name. Severxe secretly had a crush on Xion, but seeing that she always hung out with Roxas and Axel, he never had a chance to tell her. When Xion had died, Severxe blamed Roxas for her death. The two engaged in an epic fight that only ended in Vexen freezing the life out of Severxe. Xemnas decided it'd be better if Severxe was left alone - while Xigbar suggested on shooting him to oblivion. Severxe was thrown in the woods. When he thawed,  he witnessed Riku and Mickey in the same woods. After noticing this he heard a strange sound. It came from Castle Oblivion. The time Severxe arrived at the Castle, Sora had just finished beating the crud outta Marluxia and was being sent to sleep by Naminé. Severxe ventured into the Castle watching Naminé and DiZ watch Sora. Severxe quickly developed a crush on Naminé. But before he could tell her, he was nabbed by Roxas, also in the Castle. Severxe quickly remembered his time in the Organization and his hatred of Roxas. Before an intense battle could engage, DiZ threw Roxas and Severxe out. Axel was angered by this and gave DiZ a good flame to the butt. A battle engaged between the two of them and Severxe made his move on Naminé, who didn't really appreciate it much. Soon, everyone turned against Severxe and started chasing him across the Castle. Severxe jumped out the Castle and landed on top of  Mickey. Severxe criticized Mickey's shortness and Mickey slashed Severxe with his keyblade. Riku came by, and Ansem jumped out of Riku and kicked Mickey across the field. Angered, Severxe grabbed Ansem by his hair and punched him in his stomach repeatedly. Ansem ending up fading and going back into Riku again. Severxe was hailed as a hero and was welcomed back into the Organization.  Severxe was very, very tired of his past and so went to sleep for the rest of the year. By the time he woke up, Sora had woken up in Twilight Town. Severxe had "borrowed" a gummi ship from Saix, and went to Twilight Town. There, he saw King Mickey with Sora, Donald, and Goofy. When Mickey was alone, Severxe came and attacked him from behind. Mickey slashed Severxe with his keyblade and Severxe flew through the air. He landed in the gummi ship he had "borrowed" from Saix, and flew to the Pride Lands. There, he met the natives and became friends. However, when Sora and the gang came, he had to evacuate. He traveled to Atlantica and met Ariel. He fell in love with her, but then realized she was with Prince Eric. Heartbroken, Severxe decided to go back home to The World That Never Was. He found out that Sora and the gang had come there too. Extremely mad, he wanted to battle Sora one-on-one but Xemnas captured him before he could. Xemnas battled Severxe and knocked him out cold with his ethereal blades, then put him in a ship and blasted him away. Severxe then landed in a new world, Earth. He put away his coat and donned a new life with his original name. He found out about Kingdom Hearts Wiki and decided to write about his life here - which you have just read.

Second Story

'Twas a normal day in Traverse Town. I had just been transferred here after my home world was overtaken by the darkness. I decided to do something about this. No being was gonna swallow MY home and get away with it. So I walked until I came to a wise sage named Ja-Cob. I told her about how I was swept away from my hometown and that I wasn't to do something about it. She just said, "The only person who can defeat the darkness is the Keyblade masfer." "Well, where's the Keyblade master?", I asked. "Heh. Heck if I know", she said. "Then what am I supposed to do?!", I asked. This lady was testing my patience! "Here, have a lightsaber", she said as she handed me a rubber sword that lights up. "Now get out, my favorite show is on TV!" The lady booted me out of my cottage and I had nowhere to go.

I knew I couldn't just sit there. I had to take action. So as I walked through town I bumped into some random guy. "Hey, what's your problem?!", he yelled. "Don't talk to me like that, boahy!", I yelled back. He took out his Gunblade and aimed it at me. "Whoa! What's wrong with ya, son?", I asked. "I'm waiting for an apology", he said. "Oh. Well... gee, sorry Random Stranger", I said. He walked away. Some ninja walked up to me and said, "Don't be the guy to get on Leon's nerves. He's a bit short-tempered", she said. "Huh. Well gee, it was just a little push", I said rolling my eyes. "He's pretty aggrevated. You know, what with the darkness and such", the ninja said. "The darkness? You know about the darkness?", I asked. "Well duh. I mean, who doesn't? Everyone here is because the darkness ate up their house. Until the Keyblade master comes, we're all doomed", she explained. "What's so great about the bloomin' keyblade?", I asked. "Well for starters, it beats up the Heartless. And second of all, it can open any lock. So basically it's good to have around whenever you lose your apartment key", she said, and then she walked away.

I needed to find out more about this so-called "darkness." Luckily, this nice lady named Aerith told me about it. "See, there's light and there's darkness. They're both eternal", she said. "Just like the smell of my uncle's burp", I muttered. "However, the Heartless - being made from darkness - have joined up. And since, they've been going to various worlds and swallowing them in darkness", she went on. "Like my uncle swallows a Subway sandwich", I muttered. "But the light can defeat the darkness. So the Keyblade can lock the 'keyholes' in the worlds, so darkness can't get in", she said. "Like how my aunt locks the door so Uncle can't get in the house", I muttered. "So the only chance we have at saving the universe is if the Keyblade master rises up and saves us all!", she concluded. "Huh. Sounds like a Final Fantasy movie", I said. "But like you said, light can defeat darkness, correct?", I asked. "Yep", she replied. "So could the light from a rubber lightsaber could kill Heartless?", I asked. "That's a... weird question. But I suppose it could", she said. "Great!" I got up and ran away. "Thank you, Red-Headed Freak!", I called. "It's Aerith! Aerrrr-iiith!"

I knew exactly what I needed! I came up to the door that led to the outside of the world. "Well... I best forge on", I said. "What you doin', boy?!", an old geezer said. "I'm about to venture into the unknown, y'old beast", I said. "Name's Cid. And I'm not that old", he said. "Sure? Have you looked the mirror? Got a few white hairs over there", I pointed out. "Whatever, shut up kid. Why are you just gonna jump into outer space like that?", he asked. "What, you got a problem with that? If so, I can introduce you to my fist", I threatened. "No. What, you too good for this town?", he asked. "Yes. Yes I am. But that's not why I'm leaving. I got a bone to pick with them Heartless", I explained. "Well, that's pretty darn stupid of ya, ya juvenile fool. But if you're gonna go and kill yourself, ya gotta travel in style", he said. Then he took me to his inventory. "I got plenty of gummi ships for you to choose from, all at a considerable price", Cid said. Then he opened his eyes. "Boy?", he called.

I was already in outer space riding along in my stolen gummi ship. "Who-wee! This is some good fun right here!", I said as I sat down and listening to the radio. "Hello Random Gummi Ship Passenger. You're probably gonna go to some world for no good reason so why should I give a dang? But just so you know, your approaching the Pride Lands." "Whooza?", I stammered. But before I knew it, I had already landed in some random world. It was in bad shape so I guessed it had just been swallowed by the hearless. Before I knew it, an entire swarm of Shadow heartless surrounded me! "Whoa! This heartless is wilin'!", I yelled. They crashed through the window of the ship and pounced on me. Before I knew it, I was covered by Shadows. I... lost energy. I didn't feel anything. Then it was all black.

I found myself in a dark room. "Where the heck am I?" My voice echoed. "Is anyone there?" No response. "Y'all got any fried chicken? I'm hungry." Nothing. "Well gee, you could at least reply---" Then I felt something in my heart. Then I fell backward into darkness oblivion..................................................................................

When I got up, I was back in my hometown. "What's goin' on?", I asked. My friend Jordan walked up to me. "J. Severe, you've been asleep for months. This kid named Sora came and restored all the worlds", Jordan explained. "Was this kid a Keyblade master?", I asked. "Heck if I know. I'm just watching the news on NBC." And Jordan ran back inside. I looked around. It was good to be home.

What I Like About "Kingdom Hearts"

Other than the fact that I lived this, I really like Kingdom Hearts. I love the inclusion of Disney characters especially, and that was pretty much why I picked the game out of Gamestop that faithful July day. I was also introduced to Final Fantasy, Square Enix, and the video game part of Japan that I haven't seen since Pokémon - and I turned out to be impressed by that too. The gameplay was AMAZING and I LOVED the storyline and everything was... wow! (To state a few of my opinions). If I thought the first game was astounding, I was knocked off my feet when my cousin bought KHII. I don't have that game and I envy him every day. The characters are great too, Disney's, Square's, and the originals. Plus, it's pretty intense. There's plenty of action, not too much but too little - just right.

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