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Greetings everyone! I am Pkthis. I used to visit another wikia and edit it if need be, but since I enjoy the Kingdom Hearts series so much, and since I no longer play the video game related to the previously mentioned wikia, I decided to expand my wikia account over to here! Feel free to drop a question or whatever on my talk page if you need me.

A little about me

So, when did I start playing Kingdom Hearts? Well, it all started many years ago, when I was bored one day. I went through my roomates PS2 games to see what he had, and I found that he had Kingdom Hearts as a PS2 game. Not hearing of it, being bored and seeing no other game that I wanted to play, I decided to pop it in my PS2, expecting epic failure from the appearence of the title art on the game.

I was wrong. So very wrong. Instead of turning out to be an epic failure it turned out to be an epic adventure, a hero's journey to save the ones he cares most about, and a quest to heal, love and defend hearts. The Kingdom Hearts series got me hooked VERY well, and I enjoyed every bit of advancing through the storyline. It also gave me a bit of background on the final fantasy characters, whom I have never heard about until I played this game.

What is my most favored aspect of Kingdom Hearts? Out of everything in there...combat, storyline, exc., I find that the relationship between Sora and Kairi is what interests me the most. Although it may not seem like it at first, as the Kingdom Hearts storyline advances, Sora and Kairi share a bond...a love, if you will, between each other. They cared for each other so much that no memory of each other can ever be forgotten, no person can ever come closer, and not even Sephiroth can take away the love they share between each other. It was this power that would bring Sora back from the darkness, and revert himself as being a heartless.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that I don't feel like wasting hundreds of dollars just to buy the handheld consoles for the upcoming games, I will NOT be getting Kingdom Hearts 179 Days, Coded or Birth by Sleep. By the time Kingdom Hearts III comes out(If that is, Square-Enix doesn't pull a 3D Realms on us!) im sure i'll have enough money to buy a PS3. It's a game I DEFINATELY want to get anyways since its the next in the series. Hopfully there is improved combat aspects, perhaps guest appearence from outside the disney realm, more action packed Pirates of the Carribean, and above all, the advanced detail of Sora and Kairi's relationship. (A picture perfect moment would be them kissing in the darkness of night while Kingdom Hearts is glowing softly in the background). I gotta admit though, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep looks really good when I saw the Japanese trailers(Good thing there's English subtitles!), and its kinda funny that this game would REALLY be the first game in the series. It makes sense because of the title, the fact that it is as large as one of the numbered Final Fantasy series, and that Final Fantasy VII did the same thing as Kingdom Hearts. Wonder if they'll make a "Before birth by sleep" game of Kingdom Hearts?

Well anyways, thats about it Kingdom Hearts wise.