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I, Roxas5000, would like to know what everyone's favorite Keyblade is. Mine are the Oathkeeper and Oblivion used by my namesake; Roxas.

Please let me know what you think. Also, as I am new to this Wiki, I don't know if Role Playing is allowed. Can someone tell me if it is or not? Thanks in advance.

Roxas5000 03:35, 21 February 2008 (UTC) M R R I Just love the Halloweentown keyblades. Because you get them from the best skeleton, Jack Skellington.

An excellent choice, my friend. I'd still like an answer to the question I asked about roleplaying. Is roleplaying allowed or not? If not, it should be since we are talking about a roleplaying game on this Wiki.

Roxas5000 22:49, 21 February 2008 (UTC) M R R

I Am sorry I do not know.

That's quite alright, my friend.

Roxas5000 23:03, 26 February 2008 (UTC) M R R

So you are a Nobody and part of Organazation 13?

Yes. Number 13. Roxas; the Keyblade's chosen one.

Roxas5000 07:20, 27 February 2008 (UTC)

Hexrezi 32px-Symbol_of_Mind.png NO 1 C4NT S33 YOU DUMB4SS


I'd rather little forum topics over such trivialities that can be answered on a userpage.

Akamoron KH2 Ultima weapon... 'nuff said.

Eryops3 02:46, 16 August 2008 (UTC)Mine:BOTH of the dragon ones...I thing the skeletal one is better,though.Requires lvl 60 to use.From the Olympic Colesium(Final tournament)

Two Across, It's AWESOME!!!! And I had to beat you to get it, Roxas! (It was worth it)NobodiewithaHeart 07:17, 17 September 2008 (UTC)

The lions' from good O' LeonClarkmaster

Hmmm.. Here's my top 3: -Bond of Flame -Fatal Crest -Oathkeeper Titan93 03:43, 22 December 2008 (UTC) Insert non-formatted text here

oathkeeper oblivion and ultima btw ROXAS ROXAnother-x 14:51, 15 May 2009 (UTC)

Moogle Dissidia.png
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Lady Luck, ftw
-15:06, 15 May 2009 (UTC)

Symbol Character - Mickey.png
FA icon.png Apart from the Ultima Weapons...

Kingdom Hearts II

  • Two Across.
  • Fenrir.
  • Fatal Crest.

Kingdom Hearts

  • Oathkeeper.
  • Lady Luck.
  • Spellbinder.

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Metal Chocobo. Anything with a Chocobo hanging completely and absolutely PAWNS.

I do wonder if there will ever be a moogle keychain...

Mine are: 1.Crossing of Two(final mix) 2.Way to the Dawn 3.Proof of Victory(final mix) Organization XIII Saix-VII 9:25 may 25 2009 Diamond dust cause it looks awesome--Firaga44 21:16, 26 May 2009 (UTC)

My top three would have to be Oathkeeper, KH2 Ultima Weapon, and Oblivion, in that order. Keyblader 01:30, 21 July 2009 (UTC)

Firaga44 - Dissidia is awesome!
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mine are the fairyharp,crabclaw,and hero's crest

LotsoBearLover - Kingdom Key KHD.pngWelcome to sunnyside!
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Naminé's Notebook KHII.png i would have to say KH1 oblivion, lady luck, olympia, oathkeeper, divine rose, fairy harp, KH2 circle of life, sleeping lion, hero's crest , guardian soul, rumbling rose, desicive pumpkin, follow the wind, mochronome, and bond of flame and the abyss
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Kingdom Hearts 1= oblivion and oathkeeper. Kingdom Hearts 2= oblivion, desicive pumpkin and bond of flame

Bond of Flame, Two Across, Oblivion, Oathkeeper, Ultima Weapon, Fenrir, Way to the Dawn Endless Oblivion

Megaron - Also known as The Motherfucking Murderer of Evil.
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Kingdom Hearts 1's are Lionheart, Oblivion and Oathkeeper. 2's are Sleeping Lion, Guardian Soul, and dunno what else, but definitely NOT the Ultima Keyblade. It's so friggin' cheap it takes the fun out of the game.

Niko96 - Got it memorized?
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Bond of Flame; Got it memorized?
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You're all morons. — 19:22, January 6, 2010 (UTC)

Talk_Bubble_Legend_zpsa9c4698c.png Metal Chocobo in KH and CoM. Fenrir in KHII, and Oathkeeper in 358/2 Days.

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Vanitas Sprite KHBBS.pngTrue Light's Flight from Days, Oblivion from 1, 2, and COM and Ventus' original design from BbS

Oddishh - We're friends. Therefore, I want to ask you something... Destroy me.
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Vsymbol.pngOathkeeper (all games) is my favorite, followed by Oblivion (all games). I also love Two Across (Days) and Winner's Proof (KH2).

Sora (Antiform) KHII.png
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I would actually need to choose One Winged Angel from Final Mix...Sephiroth's fight was so worth the blade...Diamond Dust is cool, too...

I love the Kingdom Key. It's just so original. I also like the Oathkeeper, Oblivion and the Two Become One.
Randomnessity Looks like you're prepared. — 23:42, January 6, 2010 (UTC)

KingdomKeyDarkside - Why? Why do you have the Keyblade?
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Hsymbol.png Oathkeeper, because of the sentiment behind it (I can totally relate to it), but way to the dawn for the message, and what it symbolizes in Riku. No matter how far you go down the road of darkness, the Way to the Dawn is always there...

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I say Two become one, Fennir and One winged angel

Ultima Weapon (KH2) and Omega Weapon. Badassness. Also, if it counts as a Keyblade, the X-Blade. Due to it being epic. Adam 148 20:23, January 21, 2010 (UTC)

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I always use the original Keyblades, that's just how I roll. But I am in love with the X-Blade.
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Χ-blade Keychain KHBBS.pngWell lets see i like the ultima weapon of KH2 the Kingdom Key D but my favorite is Way to the Dawn

I LOVE ALL OF THE KEYBLADES (sighs while hugging keyblades while dressed as a hippie)! But my favorites are pretty much the Ultimate Weapons and all of the Keyblades that have to do with the story like Kingdom Key, Oathkeeper/Oblivion, Gaia Bane, etc. My ULTIMATE FAVORITE though is THE KINGDOM KEY!!! Durring all KH games I play with this default keyblade throught out the entire story, so the cut-scenes look the way they would if it were a movie (I mean it would be rediculous to open Kingdom Hearts with the Sweet Memories Keyblade, right?). However, sometimes I do use other keyblades in outside gameplay and combat, like when I play through Wonderland or Port Royal, I use Lady Luck or Follow the Wind, respectively. BUT, if it were a major/hidden/secret-but-has-something-to-do-with-the-story boss like Sephiroth, Unkown/Xemnas, or The Ligering Sentiment/Terra, I will deffinately use the Kingdom Key because it has to do with the story of the entire series and deserves to be played with by Sora's true and original Keyblade. So I would stubbornly use it, even if it results in Terra or Xemnas K.O.-ing me watbinsgdfjahrgkhfgjfda-illion times (it could be a number), my only exception being Sephiroth, because since he is extreamly hard and his battles take forever, then I would eventually switch to a stronger or over all better keyblade because I am either in a rush or am really tired of getting killed for the millionth time (Sephiroth doesn't kill me enough to desirve a fake number, LOL). So, to make it simple, KINGDOM KEY all the way (except for certain sucumstances)! --AROS March 26, 2010, 5:41 PM

I forgot to mention! I would also use the X-Blade (if it were possible, in games or real life) if it were confirmed to be a special Keyblade, which in truth it is. Although, I would kind of place it in an Ultimate Weapon category, if not a category above it. A note on the X-Blade's page says that the key-chain's symbol is reminicent of the keys to heaven and earth (or something) and that although it isn't seen this way, one key (sora's) is silver and connects to the hearts of worlds and the other key (mickey's) is gold and connects to the hearts of people. Why they didn't do this coloration to the X-Blade or its key-chain is beyond me, probably to avoid religious law-suits or whatever (do religious law-suits exsist?) and the current coloration probably looks better and they probably wanted more of a connection to Sora rather than Mickey. AROS March 28, 2010, 11:10 (UTC)

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ultima weapon from kh2