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This is a guide to asist players whith chosing diferent Armors to maximise effectivness. Before I begin understand that this is from my personal experence whith the game, and I am open to ideas and comments to the guide.

Armor and Armor Slots

Armor is the main defense against the many powerfull Heartless and Nobodies. Basically what armor does is raises the character's defense number to decrease the amount af dammage an atack does, and some armor can reduce damage done by elemental attacks buy raising the percentage of pertection. Armor slots are yellow areas in the items section of a particular charecter. The number of armor slots is equil to the number of armors you can equip. As Sora and his friends grow the gain more armor slots. The chart to the below shows the number of armor slots in relation to the character, and the character's growth.

Character Sora Donald Goofy Other
1 Slot Begining Begining Begining Begining
2 Slot Beat Beast Beat the Hydra Beat the Hydra N/A
3 Slot Beat Demyx 2nd N/A N/A N/A

Additinal Resistance

Equiping two items that have resistance of the same kind (Fire, Blizard, ect.) has a different calculation than you might think. An example: If you attach a Blizzard Armlet (Defense +1, 20% Blizzard Resistance) to a character and then attach another Blizzard Armlet the 20% resistance only applies to the remaining 80% that is un-resisted. This brings the total blizzard resistance to 36% (20% of 80 is 16) rather than 40%. Below is a chart showing the percents of the different combonations, remember 20%+20%=36%

add 20% 25% 30% 36%
20% 36% 40% 44% 48%
25% 40% 45% 47% 52%
30% 44% 47% 54% 55%
36% 48% 52% 55% NA

Series Progession

As you progress through the game new pieces of armor will become available to buy or synthisise. These new armor seem to be visual upgrades of old pieces. As you might think the more complex the item's apperence the better the item is.

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4

List of Armor

Limited- (++) Rare- (+)

Fire Series

Blizzard Series

Thunder Series

Shadow Series

Chain Series

Band Series

Bandanna Series

Belt Series

Ribbon Series

Cosmic Series

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