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Blizzara Armlet

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Kingdom Hearts II
Blizzara Armlet
Blizzara Armlet
"Increases blizzard resistance and increases defense."
Japanese ブリザラブレス
Rōmaji Burizara Buresu
Translation Blizzara Bracelet
Fire Blizzard Thunder Dark
+0% +20% +0% +0%
Physical None
+0% +0%
Buy Sell
300 150
Mojito's Moogle Shop

The Blizzara Armlet is a type of armor found in Kingdom Hearts II.


The Blizzara Armlet is a predominantly silver piece of jewelry. It is made of numerous, round segments, all but one being adorned with two small, black crescent shapes. The central segment is much larger and is adorned with a large, blue diamond.

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