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This is a guide to asist players with the 5 final stages of Sora's last battle with Xemnas at the tail end of Kingdom Hearts 2. Before I begin understand that this is from my personal experence whith the game, and I am open to ideas and comments to the guide.

Before We Start

Before you open the final door in The World That Never Was, you might want to tie up a few loose ends; once you open the door, there is no turning back to go to any worlds, and you won't be able to equip any items, armor, accessories, or weapons. To make the final battles easier you can try to acquire the keyblades Ultima Weapon, and its companion, Fenrir. Also if you are playing the Normal Mode and you want to see the full ending (including the secret part) you must complete Jiminy's Journal. Remember that these final battles are a "Full-blown event"; so be prepared, because it takes some time to actually get to Xemnas.

P.S... Keep a finger near the Triangle Button!

Begining Stage: The Road to Xemnas

When you start off you are on a straight path too Xemnas, exceot that his dragon/castle attacks you whith scyscrapers from the ground, you can get by them whith th reaction comand slicer. The next step is getting to the flying fortress, this is done after Xemnas raises you up on top of a sky scraper, once you are up he will throw skyscraper chunks at Sora, use the rection comands evade and skyscraper to reach the castle's two main cannons. Next you must destroy the said cannons, the key to this battle is to destroy as many nobody gummi ships as posible before the cannons charge, the thunder spell is good for geting far away targets and gravety for close by targets, if the cannons do finish charging before you can destroy them use the stunt dodge reaction command to go to the next cannon. After both cannons are destroyed use the comand to go to the next battle. The final part of this stage is very straight forward, you have to destroy the energy core the problem is that the core will create a sheild around itself, to get rid of the shield destroy the nobodies that apear, tha small nobodys are easy to handle what you need to worry about is the claws of the dragon guarding the castle. After this is a battle whith Xemnas so becarefull about using your drive guage. Once the energy core is stoped use the Proceed command to continue.

Second Stage: Xemnas on the Throne

Finally you are at Xemnas, my best trick fot this battel is to use Riku and Sora's limit to inflict massive dammage and after it is over switch to valor form, this not only gives you a boost of power but Riku will be there to suport you after the drive is gone use the limit again because you MP is refilled. Be carefull though because Xemnas is very powerfull in this form and if you give him the opaning he may very well knock you to 1HP, but if you keep atacking him he will not have that chance.

PS THis is your final chance to use the Drive Guage.

Stage Three: Flying Battle

Now you're flying with Riku! The point of this stage is to destroy the indicated target. The fastest way to do this is to use the mega laser. Power up with the drain command to absorb the incoming bullets from the small ships that come around. The attack command is for ships that hover in front of the screen, and the laser button is for farther away ships (I recommend using the laser command more than attack). But be careful; you can't heal! After the small ships attack you, Xemnas turns around and launches rockets at you or fires large white lasers. For this, you can simply rotate around the screen to avoid them. The engines and wings are easy to hit as long as you remain stationery; but while shooting the tail you must aim/rotate to get the most damage done, especially when shooting with the mega laser. After destroying both cylinders underneath him, you'll need to destroy both of his wings. After you destroy the second wing, you'll move on to the next battle.

Fouth Stage: Xemnas in the Captain's Seat

This stage can be very long. Begin by attacking Xemnas quickly. when his HP reaches a certain point, he will push you away and into space. In space he will hurl skyscrapers and lasers at you. Maneuver around the incoming buildings. To avoid the red lasers either jump up quickly or glide forward. In order to avoid the white lasers, slowly jump upwards each time a laser appears. As the buildings are thrown, look for stationery ones floating about in space. Glide up to one and use the reaction command (Keep smashing the triangle button, you should hit Xemnas' shield twice). After his shield is gone, he'll fire white lasers at you again; quickly jump up a few times to avoid them, then land back down to his chair to keep attacking. Later on in the battle when he's lost a bit of health, he will begin to fire white lasers while you attack him, so try to jump and steer clear of them as you attack. Also, take note; when he raises his sword, he'll swipe diagonally towards you; simply time it and jump up to avoid. When he raises his empty hand, he's about to make a shield, so stay in front of him and DON'T ATTACK, or else you'll be knocked away and you'll lose a lot of HP. Repeat this process a few times and it should be pretty easy.

Final Stage: The Last Confrontation

When the stage starts, listen for Xemnas to say "We shall go together". That means that he is about to pull Sora into a chain of reaction commands. Use the reversal command to dodge Xemnas' energy waves. When Xemnas uses rounds of lasers use either reflect spell or jump up quickly. When he uses clones the best thing to do is simply use your targeting system to find the Xemnas with the largest health bar. If Sora loses a lot of health and there is no way to heal him, simply retreat and circle the stage until Riku can heal you. When Xemnas loses significant health he will capture Sora and you must fight as Riku to save him (this is personally my favorite part of the entire game). While you try to get to Sora, Xemnas will send clones to attack you, you can either attack them or use dark cannon to knock them back. When you get close to Sora use the reaction command to set him free. Keep attacking him until Xemnas uses his most powerful attack, he will surround you with darkness and fire lasers at you. Deflect the lasers be pressing the X and the triangle buttons in rapid succession. If you don't you may wind up dead before the assault is over. if Xemnas has any health left after the final attack you can attack him a few more times, then give him a finishing move to end the battle/game.

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