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Journal:Online, but Offline in Castle Oblivion.

I'm currently in Sweden with my cousins. I'm coming back on the 3rd. Don't expect much activity afterwards, because school starts.

I'm XDRoxas, I like ice-cream and books and I'm a psycho at KH.

Took off the color in the background.
Title Tiger of the Wind
Gender Male
Birthday 12/12/97
Age 14
Favorite Character Roxas
Favorite Keyblade Oathkeeper/Oblivion.
images.jpg This user watches the sunset with XDRoxas who controls the wind and eats ice-cream...


I'm not the talkative type, so don't except a lot of words from me. I LOVE ROXAS!!!!! But that has NOTHING to do with my personality. I'm short-tempered, and often get angry if someone annoys me. I like blowing bubbles cos they shine! And I love eating ice-cream. It's soooo yummy. I'm a MASSIVE KH,FF fan AND a Dissida fan.

Games I own:

  • COD Black-Ops,
  • Kingdom Hearts,
  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days,
  • Kingdom Hearts 2 FM+,
  • Fifa 11

Goals on the Wiki

  • TRY TO MAKE SOME FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!! (I'm such a loner -_-)
  • Do as much edits as I can! (Goal:122. Currently on 50.)
  • Edit KH 3D articles when they come out!!!
  • Learn more about KH!!!


Kingdom Hearts was first introduced to me by my friend. I searched about it and I immediately loved it. But I had a PS2 but I didn't have KH on it. So I asked and asked and at Christmas, I opened my presents and there it was. Ever since, I got hooked to it and got to Abgrabah. But then my controller got a bit haywire. So I got a new one, got KH 2 FM+ and played it. I abused the Drive System so much, I kept getting Anti-Form. THEN I discovered this wiki. It was AWESOME and had everything I needed to know. So I looked at it, did a few edits and got tempted to make my own account. Then I got Days. Since I loved Roxas, I was HAPPY to know it was ALL about him and the Org. NO SORA. But I kinda missed him.


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