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Vas0sky is a new user on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, he is from Italy and his main goal is to help the wiki.


He is shy and doesn't talk much; he is kind, gentle, calm, and quite lazy.




Where it all begins

He started playing Kingdom Hearts back in 2004, the game was a present for his 6th birthday. After a while he got stuck in Deep Jungle, unable to find the keyhole and progress the story, so he stopped playing for a while.

All is not lost

After 6 years, he discovered a game on his Nintendo DS: Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. He enjoyed it so much, but he couldn't complete it 100% because of that D-Blizzaga.

Back in the games

He wanted to finish the first Kingdom Hearts as well, so he decided to play the game from the beginning following the story step by step. He will eventually manage to finish the game and synth every item as well as finishing every cup and minigame.

Hidden Truths

In 2007 he got in his hands Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. He collected over 80 gameplay hours with his main character Terra, over 40 with Ventus and more than 24 with Aqua. He defeated the hardest boss in the Kingdom Hearts (series) with both Terra and Ventus, and completed 100% Terra's report (all side quest and stuff).

Another Guardian of Light

In 2012 he decided that it was time to go on with the series and buy Kingdom Hearts II. Too bad that the game was 6 years old and no-one sold it anymore, but luckily there was a brand new game waiting for him. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance came out and he finished it in no time, even though the game was a let down to him (he didn't want to play more Pokemon, he already owned all the main titles for the DS).

Another side, another story

Vas0sky at this time played almost every game of the franchise, still, few are missing and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories was one of those. And Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX was an opportunity he couldn't loose (he didn't finish KH Re:COM anyways, everytime he came back to the game he needed to much time to get used to the controls). He tried to get the deep dive secret ending instead, and today he still doesn't manage to get it on the TV screen. All in all, he never 100% neither KH or KH Re:COM so he never fully enjoyed the HD remix.

Destiny is never left to chance

And in 2015 it finally got that game he seeked for so long. He got able to play both Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix in the HD collection. Of course something had to go wrong and he was never able to finish the journal in KH2FM because of the Hades Paradox Cup...

Another side, another story [deep dive]

Console emulators are a great way to play games you already own. On a PC he is able to play the original Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, and he is completing it. While searching the japanese translation for Lucky Strike he found out that the wiki claimed it to cost 3 AP, while in the game clearly it was 2, so he decided to make an account and edit the wiki. And who knows, maybe one day he will be able to see the deep dive ending on a game he played and not just watched.


it Questo utente è di madrelingua italiana.
en-4 This user is able to contribute with a near-native level of English.
sNrGZMg.png This user did battle with the enigmatic Unknown and won!

★ Quotes ★

  • "Give me strenght!!!"
  • "Anger and hate are supreme."
    Xemnas on final battle
  • "There is no such thing as light."
  • "Why don't you vanish?"
  • "Can you spare a Heart?"
  • "Nihl!"
  • "Begone!"
  • "Come closer..."
  • "Cursed fools!"
  • "Nothingness... is... ethernal"
  • "You won't forget this!"
  • "Got it memorized?"
  • "Is that all you got?"
  • "You freak!!!"
  • "Dodge this!"
  • "Descend, Heartless Angel."
  • "I shall lead you to the promise land!"
  • "All shall be one with me!"
  • "Show me your strenght!"
  • "That's enough."
  • "Know your place"

Kingdom Hearts FM endgame thoughts (and a kinda of guide)

Max Stats

For early game Sora the most important stat is Max MP: you will be oneshotting lower tier heartless with blizzard/fire and you will keep at distance bigger heartless like Large Bodies. You will be facing boss heartless most of the time so magic still works. Once you get Thundaga you will have enough MP to destroy whole heartless spawns in 1 MP (and you will most likely have at least 9 MP by then). Even when you get Graviga, Thundaga will still be more useful because of how quick it is. You probably will need to level up a little bit before Riku 2 because magic doesn't work, but since you can Thundaga spam with 15 Max MP and twoshot defenders it won't be so bad (and you will have a chance for a Defender Shield / Wizard Staff, at this point it is the best you can get). After you get Aeroga you won the game: since you will probably have 19 MP by then you can crush through enemies. Aeroga will deflect most attacks and if those who manages to hit you will be hit stunned by Aeroga anyways. The only threat at this point is Sephiroth that can oneshot you pretty easily without Aeroga if you are low level. End game the strength may be better than Max MP because some heartless resist the Thundaga spam and are hard to get with Graviga (Angel Stars mostly, but also Wizard if you don't have Aeroga). HP is important against Sephiroth to avoid getting oneshotted. A must to have are 3 Cosmic Arts, but only if your defence is higher than 50. You can achieve both Max MP and Max HP at the same time by using 3 Cosmic Arts and the Diamond Dust keyblade. Both Unknown and Sephiroth require a long keyblade with 90 recoil, so go for the Ultima Weapon. Donald is not usefull until later hard fights (Unknown). He will mostly heal you and goofy when he is not busy getting rekt by someone. In Final Mix Goofy acts as himself and Donald thanks to Evolution, making Donald even less useful. If you give him MP +2 accessories he will never let you without at least 6 MP (until both him and Donald finish MP and start getting knocked out).


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