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About Me

Ventus KHBBS.png
Name Roxnick
A.K.A Rox
Hometown Twilight town
Date of Birth 8/22
Age 16
Height 6 2"
Weapon Lights Decent Keyblade
Spells Light and Darkness spells
Element Twilight/Dawn (light and darkness)

Well im a 15 year old kid who likes anime and videogames and drawing a bit. im a HUGE kingdom hearts and final fantasy fan, im like totally exited for the new ones coming out. im a dude (a flamboyant dude but a dude) and i love watching tv an playing my wii. I'm a yugioh fan and i love watching house and glee.

Talk Bubble

Roxnick867 - My friends are my power, and I'm theirs!
TALK - I'm asking you as a friend, just... put an end to me. 2:18pm
Vsymbol.pngthis is my talk bubble that i use on various talk pages, it was designed by KingdomKeyDarkside :)

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