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About me

UserMale.png This user is male.
GameAccomplishments-userKH.png This user defeated Ansem and started the epic story of Kingdom Hearts.
GameAccomplishments-userKHCoM.png This user conquered Castle Oblivion and took down Marluxia.
GameAccomplishments-userKHCoM-RR.png This user mastered the darkness and defeated Ansem in Reverse/ Rebirth Mode.
GameAccomplishments-user358-2Days.png This user took on Riku and discovered the secrets of Xion.
GameAccomplishments-userKHII-KHIIFM.png This user defeated Xemnas and restored peace to the worlds.
UserFinal.png This user loves Final Form.
UserFFFan.png This user is a fan of the Final Fantasy games.
AquaAttack_zpsk2chmnns.png This user is a fan of Aqua.
SoraKH3DAttack_zpsf2glrf11.png This user is a fan of Sora.
RikuYoungArt_zpsdwd8k4eh.png This user is a fan of Riku.
TerraAttack_zpsfmh7wvay.png This user is a fan of Terra.
Zexion2_zpsipqogdbj.png This user will make you see that your hopes are nothing... nothing but a mere illusion!
Xem1_zpstjtmdqtu.png This user is no more eternal than that radiance of yours...
Xion1_zps2xsg1xc9.png Who is this user? What is he/she here for?
Axel4_zpsqvy0u0hx.png This user wants to let the flames burn you! Got it memorized?
UserSaix01.png This user is a master of Moon. Now move aside!
Xig1_zpsnidpvkk4.png This user wonders if you've been a good boy.

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