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Username Kamikaze Pardee
PSN ID Kamikaze_Pardee
Date of Birth December 3, 1990
Age 22
Height 6'1"
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Welcome to my userpage!!!

I've been coming here for quite some time now and have noticed some errors or other discrepancies. I'm not too sure if I can offer much more information that's already present, but I'll do my best to look for spelling, grammar, and other kinds of errors and clean them up.

If for any reason you need to contact me, feel free to do so on my talk page. Be warned that I don't always check every day.

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My time with Kingdom Hearts

Unlike some people, I've been with Kingdom Hearts ever since the beginning. I immediately fell in love with Kingdom Hearts after getting it for birthday, only about 2 months after its release. After finishing it, I craved more of the lovable characters, exceptional story, creative art, and wonderful worlds.

I wouldn't have to wait too long until Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories came out and I fell in love all over again. The new story, new battle system, and new characters felt right and satisfied my hunger for more Kingdom Hearts. Again, upon finishing, I knew it would only be a matter of time before another installment came out.

As I browsed every site online looking for more Kingdom Hearts-related news, I soon discovered Kingdom Hearts II was in progress and was absolutely overjoyed. Everything about the game looked promising and it was the first true sequel to the game I considered the best of my generation a few years sooner. For the next few months, I was on the internet almost constantly when not in school looking at the multiple fan-made sites commenting and predicting everything about Kingdom Hearts II. I still remember when pictures of Roxas surfacing and everyone referring to him as the 'Blonde-Haired Kid' or BHK. As time went on and the day of release got closer, I was getting more and more excited. I then realized that this series had changed my world and the world of gaming to me and this only proved more so once I finally got Kingdom Hearts II on the day of release. It's one day I'll never forget. After finishing Kingdom Hearts II, I was awestruck on how Square Enix could improve on every aspect of the original, and still make it feel fresh.

I knew it would be awhile that another true sequel would be announced after hearing about Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Another handheld Nintendo game sounded intriguing, especially after hearing it covered Roxas' time in Organization XIII and multiplayer mode featuring every member plus a few extras. I also got Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days on release day, which was lucky for me considering I was in college at the time.

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories was the next game I got in the series, and only a week before the release of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. I don't know why I waited so long, but the hype from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is what reawakened my love for the series and I made sure I would relive the great experience I had on the GBA with Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

Only a short time after, I got Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep on release day and was overwhelmed by the new story, characters, combat system, and ties into past installments. The layered 3-character story was very engaging and innovative and I enjoyed everything the game had to offer.

I thoroughly enjoyed Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded and thought it was a successful remake. The battle system and unique levels felt refreshing and challenging at the same time. I only wish I had the time and drive to finish the game to 100%, but I may do it sometime eventually.

Now, I'm currently awaiting for Kingdom Hearts 3D to release, and hoping for the announcement of the next true sequel, Kingdom Hearts III. Until then, I'll keep up-to-date on all things Kingdom Hearts-related and enjoy the franchise for years to come.

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Kingdom Hearts Preferences

Here are some of my opinions concerning my experiences with the Kingdom Hearts franchise as a whole. The rankings are determined on the subjects' overall appeal and what I find to be most enjoyable.


Category First Second Third Fourth Fifth
Game Kingdom Hearts II Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Re:Chain of Memories 358/2 Days
Story Kingdom Hearts II Birth by Sleep Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Re:Chain of Memories
Graphical Style Kingdom Hearts II Birth by Sleep Chain of Memories Re:coded Kingdom Hearts
Soundtrack Kingdom Hearts II Birth by Sleep Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories 358/2 Days
Cast Kingdom Hearts II Birth by Sleep Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Re:Chain of Memories


Category First Second Third Fourth Fifth
Male Protagonist Sora Riku Terra Mickey Roxas
Female Protagonist Kairi Aqua Namine Xion
Male Antagonist Xemnas Ansem, SoD Master Xehanort Marluxia Young Xehanort
Female Antagonist Xion Larxene
Disney Protagonist King Mickey Donald Goofy Queen Minnie Jiminy
Disney Antagonist Maleficent Oogie Boogie Chernabog Hades Pete
Organization XIII Member Roxas Xemnas Axel Marluxia Saix
Final Fantasy Character Cloud Leon Sephiroth Zack Auron


Category First Second Third Fourth Fifth
KH World Hollow Bastion Traverse Town Neverland Destiny Islands Deep Jungle
KH Keyblade Kingdom Key Ultima Weapon Oblivion Oathkeeper Metal Chocobo
KH Party Jack Skellington Tarzan Beast Peter Pan Aladdin
KH Summon Mushu Simba Tinker Bell Genie Bambi
KHII World The World That Never Was Radiant Garden Disney Castle Pride Lands Space Paranoids
KHII Keyblade Kingdom Key Ultima Weapon Fenrir Oblivion Way to the Dawn
KHII Party Riku Auron Simba Tron Jack Skellington
KHII Summon Stitch Genie Chicken Little Peter Pan
KHII Drive Form Final Form Master Form Anti Form Valor Form Wisdom Form
358/2 Days World Twilight Town Neverland The World That Never Was Beast's Castle Agrabah
358/2 Days Keyblade Oathkeeper + Oblivion Kingdom Key Two Become One Total Eclipse Maverick Flare
BBS World Keyblade Graveyard Radiant Garden Deep Space Land of Departure Disney Town
BBS Keyblade Ends of the Earth Ultima Weapon Wayward Wind X-Blade Void Gear
BBS Command Style Wingblade Ghost Drive Dark Impulse Bladecharge Critical Impact
BBS D-Link Mickey Terra Ventus Aqua Zack
BBS Shotlock Ultima Cannon Ragnarok Bio Barrage Multivortex Lightbloom
3D World
3D Keyblade
3D Dream Eater
Heartless Assault Rider Neoshadow Wyvern Luna Bandit Air Pirate
Boss Heartless Storm Rider Groundshaker Darkside Behemoth Kurt Zisa
Nobody Samurai Dragoon Berserker Assassin Sniper
Unversed Archraven Bruiser Wild Bruiser Flood Scrapper
Boss Unversed Trinity Armor Iron Imprisoner IV Symphony Master Iron Imprisoner III Mad Treant
Dream Eater
Boss Dream Eater
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