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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Opening (オープニング
As the opening credits play, each member of Organization XIII is introduced. Roxas is given his name. Some time later, he and Axel discuss if Nobodies have hearts. Sanctuary (Opening)
Meet Xion (シオン初登場
Shion Hatsutōjō
?, lit. "Xion's First Appearance")
Organization XIII joins in Where Nothing Gathers to welcome their newest recruit, Xion.
The Dark Margin (闇の海岸
Yami no Kaigan
?, lit. "Beach of Darkness")
Xemnas speaks to Roxas in the Dark Margin, telling the boy that he went to see Sora and asking if Roxas remembers his true name.
The Man in Black Reflects (たたずむ黒衣の男
Tatazumu Kokui no Otoko
?, lit. "Standing Man in Black")
A hooded Riku stands atop Beast's Castle, recalling his previous battle with Xion.
Xion's Defeat (敗北のシオン
Haiboku no Shion
Riku swiftly overpowers Xion in battle, calling her and her Keyblade a sham. Xion is left answerless and distraught. Riku
Naminé and DiZ (ナミネとDiz
Namine to Diz
Naminé explains to DiZ how Xion's existence is interfering with her ability to restore Sora's memories and wake him up.
Why the Sun Sets Red (夕陽が赤い理由
Yūhi ga Akai Riyū
Roxas and Axel sit on the Twilight Town clock tower with their sea-salt ice cream. Roxas reflects on how long he has been in the Organization, Axel explains why the sun sets red, and both friends worry about Xion's absence. Roxas
Snarl of Memories (記憶の混乱
Kioku no Konran
?, lit. "Memory Confusion")
Roxas searches for Xion on Destiny Islands, only to encounter Zexion, who is having a stand-off with Riku in the basement floors Castle Oblivion exactly like one year ago. As Roxas turns into Xion, then Riku, and finally Sora, the real Xion wakes up, as this was all a nightmare influenced by Sora's memories. Treasured Memories
Riku Takes Care of Xion (シオンを介抱するリク
Shion o Kaihō suru Riku
Riku watches over and unconscious Xion on Destiny Islands.
Roxas Passes By (すれちがうロクサス
Surechigau Rokusasu
While Riku looks after Xion, he sees Roxas run into a Corridor of Darkness nearby.
Xion's Dream (シオンの夢
Shion no Yume
Xion elaborates on why she cannot return to the Organization with Roxas and Axel. Missing You
Xion's Capture (シオン捕獲
Shion Hokaku
Roxas tries to convince Xion to return to the Organization, but she refuses, raising her Keyblade at Roxas. Axel intervenes and incapacitates Xion. Face It!
Axel and Saïx (アクセルとサイクス
Akuseru to Saikusu
Saïx taunts Axel about his friendships with Roxas and Xion, claiming one of the two must go. Organization XIII
Xion and Riku (シオンとリク
Shion to Riku
Riku explains to Xion the nature of her existence as a Replica. Xion questions whether she should return to her own life with her friends or return to Sora and allow him to awaken. Kairi III
Treasured Memories
Riku's Resolve (リクの決意
Riku no Ketsui
Riku is assigned the mission of capturing Roxas as a final attempt to awaken Sora.
Mickey and Riku-Ansem (ミッキーとリク/アンセム
Mikkī to Riku/Ansemu
King Mickey encounters Ansem, Seeker of Darkness in Twilight Town; however, it is only Riku, as the darkness within him changes his appearance if not kept in check. The two discuss the Organization's plans and Riku's dangerous mission. Disquieting
Roxas Leaves the Organization (機関を去るロクサス
Kikan o Saru Rokusasu
Despite Axel's protests, Roxas leaves Organization XIII learn who he is and why the Keyblade chose him.
Xion and Naminé (シオンとナミネ
Shion to Namine
Xion meets Naminé in the White Room, and Xion decides that she must return to Sora.
Xion and Axel Face Off (シオンとアクセルの対決
Shion to Akuseru no Taiketsu
?, lit. "Xion and Axel's Confrontation")
Xion and Axel have an all-out fight outside of the Old Mansion, with Axel narrowly emerging victorious. The Other Promise
Xion Attacks (襲いかかるシオン
Osoikakaru Shion
Xion shares one last ice cream with Roxas. She has absorbed so many of Sora's memories through Roxas that she has taken on Sora's appearance; now, there is only one thing she can do. Xion attacks Roxas, aware that only one of them will survive.
Xion's End (シオンの消滅
Shion no Shōmetsu
?, lit. "Xion's Termination")
Xion is fatally wounded, and already memories of her are fading from the world. In her final moments, she begs Roxas to release all of the hearts she has poured into Kingdom Hearts. She dies content in Roxas's arms. Musique pour la tristesse de Xion
WINNER (あたりの棒
Atari no Bō
?, lit. "Lucky Stick")
Axel, frustrated by the loss of Xion and Roxas, finds an envelope in his room. Inside is a popsicle stick with "WINNER" written on it, a parting gift from Roxas. Musique pour la tristesse de Xion
Skyscraper Battle (摩天楼の戦い
Matenrō no Tatakai
Roxas tears through Neoshadows in The World that Never Was.
Roxas and Riku (ロクサスとリク
Rokusasu to Riku
Riku joins Roxas to eliminate the Neoshadows before battling themselves. As the two clash, their memories of Xion continue to fade. Another Side
Riku Turns Into Ansem (リク、アンセム化
Riku, Ansemu-ka
Riku confirms that Roxas really is Sora's Nobody. In a final effort to subdue Roxas, Riku unleashes the darkness inside of him, turning into Riku-Ansem. Riku
After the Battle (戦いのあと
Tatakai no Ato
Riku, now permanently with Ansem's form, informs DiZ that Roxas had "felt" Sora; if only they had had more time, things could have been different. Xion bids Roxas a final goodbye. Roxas
A New Day (新しい1日
Atarashi 1-nichi
Roxas awakens in The Other Twilight Town without any memories of his time in the Organization.
The Usual Spot (いつもの場所へ
Itsumo no Basho e
?, lit. "To the Usual Spot")
Roxas races to meet his friends for a trip to the beach, ready for another day of Summer vacation. The credits roll. Sanctuary (Ending)
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX)
Opening (オープニング
As the opening credits play, each member of Organization XIII is introduced. Roxas is given his name. Some time later, he and Axel discuss if Nobodies have hearts. Sanctuary (Opening)
Day 255 Why the Sun Sets Red
Day 7 Number XIV
Day 8 Number XIV, Xion
First Mission
The Icing on the Cake
Day 9 Heartless
Day 10 Incomplete
Day 11 Keyblade
Day 12 A Closed World
Day 13 Deeds to Be Done
Day 14 Friends
Day 15~ Missions
Day 22 Left Behind
Day 23 Axel's Orders
Silent Companion
Day 24 Silence Broken
Day 25 Two Keys
Day 26 Terminated
Day 27~ The Dark Margin
Day 49 Sleep
Day 50 Familiar Sound
Day 51 Solo Mission
Day 52~ Solitude
Day 71 Reunion
Day 72 Axel's Report
Day 73 The Promise
Day 74 Trio
Day 75 A New Partner
Day 94 Kingdom Hearts
Day 95 The Usual Spot
Meeting by the Gate
Day 96 Roxas's Keyblade
Xion's Keyblade
Day 97~ Transfer
Day 117 Secrets
Special Nobodies
Recollection of Waves
Day 118 Vacation Plans
Lazy Day
A Warning from Saïx
Day 119~ Work to Do
Day 149 Unlike Minds
Day 150 The Man in Black Reflects
Xion's Plea
Day 151 A Mission Together
Celestial Crossroad
Day 152 The Wrong Buttons
Day 153 Disjointed Days
Day 171 Love
Day 172 Xion Injured
Sound of the Surf
Day 173 Lies
Day 174~ Action, Reaction
Day 193 Xion Awakens
Because We're Best Friends
The Girl with the Sketch Book
Day 194~ Axel Learns the Truth
Like It Should Be
Day 224 Anomaly
To the Beach
Day 225~ Quietude
Day 255 Xemnas's Plans
The Longest Day
Day 256 News
Day 257~ Hollow
Day 276 Disorder
Day 277~ Searching
Day 296 Confessions
Day 297 Contact
Day 298 Fracture
Day 299 Axel and Saïx
Project Xion
Riku and Xion
Day 300 The Silent Trio
Day 301~ Vacant Place
Day 321 Roxas's Tears
Memories of the Keyhole
Roxas in a Slump
Waning Power
Day 322 The Program
Day 323~ Fleeting
Day 352 Xion's Reply
Riku's Resolve
Day 353 Saïx's Rebuttal
An Unusual Pairing
Day 354 Truth
The King and Riku Reunited
Day 355 Unsaid, Unheard
Day 356 Xion and Naminé
Place to Belong
Day 357 Tears
Day 358 Believe
Day 359 The First Day