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Payback Fang

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Payback Fang (リベンジファング Ribenji Fangu?, lit. "Revenge Fang") is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. It allows the user to lunge towards his enemy and deal a powerful slash after he is blown away by the enemy's attack.


In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Payback Fang is a Reprisal command that has a maximum level of 4 and fills the Command Gauge by 30%. It can be used exclusively by Terra.

Learning Payback Fang[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

  • Terra can create Payback Fang through Command Melding.
  • Terra can obtain Payback Fang from a chest in the Raceway.
  • Terra can purchase Payback Fang from the Command Shop for 1400 munny once seven worlds are cleared or the command has already been obtained elsewhere.


Payback Fang is a Reprisal command that can be melded through one recipe, listed in the Action Recipe.

Character Command #1 Command #2 Success
Command LV Command LV Shimmering Fleeting Pulsing Wellspring Soothing Hungry Abounding
T Sliding Dash 2 Counter Hammer 2 100% Dark Screen Magic Haste Combo F Boost Air Combo Plus Item Boost Treasure Magnet EXP Walker

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