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Illusion-V (イリュージョンS Iryūjon S?, lit. "Illusion-S") is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. It allows the user to transform into a Vitality Vial.


See also: Illusion Gauge

In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, Illusion-V is a Friendship Command that takes up two slots in the Command Deck and has a maximum level of 3. Using Illusion-V command transforms the user into a Vitality Vial and grants them its abilities. The transformation lasts until the Illusion Gauge empties or the user uses the Revert command.

The Vitality Vial hovers above the ground when moving and standing idle. It performs a basic attack by darting through the air, inflicting damage to enemies on contact. It cannot block or jump.

Command Deck Finish Command
Draining Mist

Exclusive commands[edit]


Aromatherapy (アロマセラピー Aromaserapī?) is a magic command. It allows the user, if damage has been recently taken, to regain amount of Illusion gauge lost.

Draining Mist[edit]

Draining Mist (ドレインミスト Dorein Misuto?, lit. "Drain Mist") is a Finish command. It allows the user to drain HP from enemies.

Learning Illusion-V[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

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