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This article is about the technique called "Illusion-L" in English and "Illusion-R" in Japanese.
You may be looking for the technique called "Illusion-L" in Japanese or the technique called "Illusion-R" in English.

Illusion-L (イリュージョンR Iryūjon R?, lit. "Illusion-R") is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. It allows the user to transform into a Lone Runner.


See also: Illusion Gauge

In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, Illusion-L is a Friendship Command that takes up two slots in the Command Deck and has a maximum level of 3. Using Illusion-L command transforms the user into a Lone Runner and grants them its abilities. The transformation lasts until the Illusion Gauge empties or the user uses the Revert command.

The Lone Runner hops on the spot when idle and hops around to move. It performs a basic attack by doing a short range kick, but cannot perform any combos. It can shield itself by pressing Square, which allows it to tuck its head inside the boot and briefly cast a barrier over itself. It can also jump by pressing Circle.

Command Deck Finish Command

Exclusive commands[edit]


Stomp (踏みつけ Fumitsuke?) is an attack command. It allows the user to jump into the air and stomps down on an enemy right in front of them before landing back down.


Charge (突進 Tosshin?) is a Finish command. It allows the user to heavily stomp on a target three times.

Learning Illusion-L[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

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