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The Kingdom Hearts Wiki is a good-faith attempt to create a Kingdom Hearts fansite and database that is both comprehensive and accountable in delivering Kingdom Hearts information. It welcomes all good-faith edits that are constructive, verified, and overall, informative for both fans and non-fans alike. The staff in position to administer the site - administrators - therefore observes all edits and attempts to regard them as edits made of good-faith.

However, whenever an edit - which either adds, removes or changes content - is made that compromises the aim of the wiki, it is addressed as vandalism. Vandalism on a Wiki usually involves blanking or deletion of parts of pages, personal attacks and uploading or linking to illegal content. If an editor does any of these or any other action that the administrators of the Kingdom Hearts Wiki find unacceptable, measures will be taken to address these actions.

Addressing vandalism

Vandalism will be handled in many ways according to the level of vandalism propagated. Here is a list of how vandalism will be handled:

  1. Reverting without a warning: Because all edits must be first regarded as made in good-faith, it is best to just revert the edit and explain them in the edit summary. However, when it is apparent that an edit war may take place, immediately suggest the use of the article's talk page, and avoid editing the article itself. The edits:
    1. Adding unrelated words, phrases, or entire paragraphs not considered inappropriate.
    2. Changing figures and characters without appropriate reason.
  2. Warning: A non-deliberate but persistent non-constructive edit will be addressed with the use of the warning template on the user's talk page:
    1. Unexplained changes to a user space without consent.
    2. First-time page blanking: whether entire sections or entire pages on an article or talk page.
    3. Unexplained changes to the Kingdom Hearts Wiki policy and administrative pages.
    4. Uploading or overwriting Images in the KHWiki which are deemed inappropriate or unrelated. However, if the Image is of same content but in differing qualities, discuss first before reverting!
    5. Changing a user's comment in the talk pages.
    6. Making edits that can effect the wiki largely that are deemed inappropriate by others.
  3. Block: When the editor in question does not acknowledge the warning given and continued vandalizing the wiki, administrators may resort to blocking the user with the block template. A period of time should be given to the user to pause and reflect on their edits in the hopes that they will return to do constructive edits to the wiki next time.
    1. Hidden vandalism which can only be seen during editing.
    2. Repeatedly uploading inappropriate material.
    3. Edit warring without discussion - all warring editors will be blocked.
    4. Representing another user without consent.
    5. Consequent page blanking: whether entire sections or entire pages on an article or talk page.
    6. Consequent user space and talk page edits without user consent.
  4. Ban: The ban template will be placed on the user's talk page, and no more edits must be made - such edits will be treated with a warning. An editor addressed with the Ban template is considered "lost".
    1. Inserting or linking to inappropriate content.
    2. Malicious account creation.

Note to editors

  1. We are all editors. Do not treat an editor differently just because he/she does not sign up with an account.
  2. Avoid Wikidumping. Should sometimes, Wikipedia or other related sites provides better/more information, it is strongly discouraged to just copy-and-paste them directly into the information lacking article. Unless the articles-copied/referenced has been "overhauled", the dumped article shall be reverted/undo'ed.
  3. Utilize the edit summary box. Always explain your reversion to the best of your abilities.
  4. Be professional. Always revert changes regarded as vandalism with valid, professional reasons.
  5. Do not egg the vandal. Do not make claims and threats that you obviously have no position to make.
  6. No edit warring. Immediately suggest the talk page as an arena for discussion when conflicts occur.
  7. Observe good-faith edits. Do not revert good faith edits without explanation.
  8. Don't feed trolls. Do not make claims and threats against them as your revert reason, even when a reply against your reversion is made in such a way. Absolutely no tit-for-tat.

Note to administrators

  1. Avoid rollback. Do not use the rollback function unless it is apparent vandalism.
  2. Warn first. We're not a Heartless, we are not Nobodies. Give prior warning to the vandal, and only block when warnings are not heeded.
  3. Block must never be used on an editor who has not received a warning first. Set a definite time for blocks.
  4. Ban may only be used on apparent vandalism - such as putting hentai/pornography or legal threats.