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Game:Enchanted Dominion

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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

Battle Levels[edit]


Type Number Items Found Locations Notes
15 Enchanted Dominion Map Forest Clearing
19 Sleep Tower Room
17 Thunder Audience Chamber
3 Cure Gates
11 Magnet Hall
8 Tornado Strike Dungeon Jump and use a dash command like Sliding Dash
18 Hi-Potion Hallway
16 Hi-Potion Audience Chamber
6 Hi-Potion Maleficent's Throne
12 Hi-Potion Hall
14 Potion Waterside
13 Ether Forbidden Mountain
1 Balloon Letter Gates Return after defeating Maleficent
9 Wellspring Crystal Hall
4 Wellspring Crystal Gates Return after defeating Maleficent
2 Soothing Crystal Gates Return after defeating Maleficent
7 Fleeting Crystal Dungeon
10 Hungry Crystal Hall
5 Absolute Zero Gates
1 Dewey Sticker Audience Chamber High Jump from the top of the stair and then Glide to it
2 Confetti Sticker Hall