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How did you find out about the Kingdom Hearts Series? Please share your story on this forum and if it has introduced you to anything (i.e. the Final Fantasy series).

So here's my story:

When I was about 7 or 8, I was at my cousin's one day and they were playing Kingdom Hearts at Hollow Bastion. Naturally, I asked if I could have a go and I got one. My older cousin said not to use Ragnarok or Sonic Blade and the other similar attacks because it would waste magic, so I used it. I had a small rivalry with them so I decided to buy it from eBay for about $22 (I love EBay) and waited for it to come in the mail. As soon as I got and played it, I fell in love with the whole aspect of it. It had Disney characters in it who I knew and understood but I had no idea what the hell Final Fantasy was. I played the game a few times to understand it the KHII came out and I was excited and wanted to buy it, problem was it was $99.95. So I waited a few years and got it for about $25 at Target. It was confusing at the start because of CoM but bought it when I got days. After I got a PSP for Birth by Sleep, I decided to play Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII because Zack was in it from Olympus Coliseum, now I love the Complication of Final Fantasy VII. I just bought a PS3 for when KHIII comes out, now I'm saving for a Nintendo 3DS for KH3D.

What's your story?

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Oddly, my story sounds very similar.

Well anyway (so much for avoiding walls of text):

I can remember being aware of Kingdom Hearts from my care-free days in Carlsbad (near San Diego) when I was in my 6 to 10 years. Me and my friend never played it, but I vaugely remember seeing the comercials and hearing Simple and Clean (same for CoM), but I didn't seem to care too much. Unfortunatly, by mid spring of 2006 or so, we had to move and I had my heart-breaking goodbye with my best friend Mathies (I don't even know if I can spell his name right anymore). Once I moved up here, I mean, Pacific Grove, I spent most of my tween years trying to adjust but eventually feeling like a distant outsider away from his home, his own WORLD, with nothing left him to remember of it fondly. Then one day, in seventh grade (so I was about 12 or 13) I saw something in Disney Informer Magizine (anybody remember those?) about the Gamer of the Month (I forgot the month), some kid from Iowa who seemed to have been acknowledged with playing Kingdom Hearts II, or at least they showed a screen shot of it with the kid's picture (what's funny though, KHII wasn't even out yet, so the kid probably had the Japanese version, but I didn't know that yet). Memories (well vaude memories) of those comercials from Carlsbad started filling my head with thoughts like "Oh yeah, I think I've heard of that game, it looked pretty cool". I then started to concider an interest in that game but my standards demanded me of playing in sequental order, so of course, Kingdom Hearts 1 was first on the list. My interset also developed slightly after seeing this guy do a new game on KH1 (at least the Destiney Island bit) at our local Youth Center (he brought his own PS2 since all the center had was an X-Box and a 64). By this time I had set out on buying myself Kingdom Hearts and once I finished it I feel in love with the game and couldn't wait for the next one. One of my new friends, Chris (who ironicly moved about a year and a half after I met him) also new of the series, or at least read the manga, so when I told him about the game while I was playing it he recognized the points more or less. So when I was ready for Kingdom Hearts II, I discovered that it wasn't out yet (but by the time I got into the series it was probably already finished in Japan). So I had to wait, but that was when I began getting engaged in KH news and fan sites, so another milestone. Before it came out though, I learned of the other game I heard about, Chain of Memories, and how it supposedly took place between KH1 and 2, so I thought "Oh my God! That means I have to get that first!" But before I could even get it off of E-Bay (who doesn't love E-Bay?), my foolish little brother (foolish is my attempt to not be mean to him about it) didn't (and probably still doesn't) understand my concept of the Oringinal BEFORE the Sequel, including Everything Inbetween, so he went and rented Kingdom Hearts 2 (which was out by now) from Blockbuster and since he was still a small baby grasshopper when it came to gaming I had to take over (at first temporarly) for him and eventually got sucked in to the story ("What happended to Sora and who is this blonde haired kid!?") and eventually bought it BEFORE Chain of Memories (grumbles)! I got CoM (along with my GBA) soon after beating KH2 and I forgave my brother, but I still hold a small joke-grudge against him for that. I started playing but I could never get past Riku Replica battle 4, so I took a "vacation" from the game and watched walkthroughs of it on youtube, and only after one of my brother's friends beat him for me could I actually continue (AROS PWN'D moment XD)! But after figuring out who Namine was and the rest of Org. 13, I had the series done. Then I heard about Birth by Sleep (and by extention 358/2 Days and Coded) and that's when I got into the process of saving money for a PSP and a DS (and getting one of those flip-style phones, though now it doesn't seem like that was necessary) and when I did all I had to do was wait. Unfortunatly they were both still a ways off, so I was bored and turned to Crisis Core. Like Xemnas8 I didn't know about Final Fantasy until I started playing Kingdom Hearts, so naturally I wanted to find out more about these mysterious characters. Upon watching an over-300 video walkthrough of FFVII I began to be into Cloud more (I started FFVIII after but I got bored after watching hours of FFVII, Squall stayed as Leon to me) and I decided to play Crisis Core afterwords, and I have to say that it was a good intro into the series for me. After occupying my self for months with KH 358/2 Days (my brother's birthday came first though, so he got a Kirby game as the first DS game, grrr), Crisis Core, Dissidia, Sonic the Hedgehog (by the way, don't choose Shadow the Hedgehog as your intro to the Sonic series, even if you saw the anime first), and eventuall a PS3 download of FFVII (I haven't continued my current game actually, I'm still on "Disk" One), Birth by Sleep FINALLY came out and I played it (but not before spoiling my self via youtube) and NOW we are here in present time! I really am glade that I got into the Kingdom Hearts sereis looking back, because it held the last faintest memories of my treasued times in Carlsbad, which I will always refurr to as my childhood home. I probably still might have gotten into the series if I didn't move (apparently Mathies did) but I don't think it would have been as soon as it was when I moved. So, Kingdom Hearts feels like my last connection to the distant world to me that is Carlsbad, and I am happy as long as I have the Kingdom Hearts series. Sorry about yet anothe Wall o' Text, but with a topic like this, it should be excepted, if not expected.

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8tE68DV.png I don't remember 100% but I'm sure my brother was playing KHI back when it was released and he was playing in Hollow Bastion so after he was asleep (He never let me play when he was awake.) I played his saving and got as far as to fighting Ansem on DI. But that was the first time I'd played it, maybe after about 5 years later I replayed it and played KHII for the first time and that was when I fell in love with the game, I kept going onto the wiki for help and ways to get things, etc.

Then in 2009, my sister had bought 358/2 Days and she'd gotten stuck at the Antlion Heartless and I played it for her and she'd never told me that a new KH game had come out for the DS. Then I decided to replay the whole series, KHI and II. Then around early 2010 I had finally gotten the money to buy Re:CoM, I played it but it was a pain because of the card system. Then I got BbS JP version in May 2010 and played it and I loved it because I'd been longing for it since a long time. Then on September 3rd I got a copy of BbS as it had leaked and played it, never did do anything like Vanitas' Remnant or Unknown as I was very used to the Eastern configuration of games, then in October, got a copy of Re:coded JP version and played it, then used it to get any new info we needed of it, such as images, commands, etc.
Though in contrast of the wiki, around 2009 I decided to join Wikia but not add anything as I was really new to coding and such. However during January I put my first ever post on a wikia wiki as to help with the BbS info. And still am.

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Copy-pasta'd from my userpage:
I spend a lot of time playing video games at one of my friends' houses, and one day we had finished playing through Dokapon Kingdom, and were looking for something to do. My friend told me about this game that he said was a lot like Final Fantasy with some Disney characters, so I said "Sure, why not?" and we started playing.

We played Kingdom Hearts II first, since he had already almost finished Kingdom Hearts, but had never even touched its sequel. Next thing you know, it's three o'clock in the morning on a work night by the time we reach Day 5 of the KHII prologue. We left it there for a few days until we could get together again.

Shortly after finishing our playthrough on Beginner Mode, I bought a PS2 and both the games—the Kingdom Hearts series was a poor man's gold to me. Once I had the games, I played through them once each. Since then, I've continued playing them and leveled up a fair bit on both (see accomplishments).

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Nobody.png my story is diffrent i found out about kingdom heart series by mistake a really good mistake about a year ago i got a gift card for my birthday from a close friend of mine and i went to the store where i can redeem the card and asked the seller if he can recomend me about good adventure games he recomend me like 4 games and after a little thought i was left with one game that looked really intersting kingdom hearts II and i thought a lot if i should buy it then i decided that i will buy it and hope i will enjoy then all began this is the only series of games that makes you feel somthing when you play in it and it change something in your life because of that what i mostly remeber from last year is my passover holiday(yes i am jewish) when i played the game also because of kingdom hearts seires i still keeping my PS2 allthough i have PS3 because it's the only way that i can play KH2 i glad that i found out about this series


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Here is my story:

I once, what i beleve to be, saw a commercial for Kingdom Hearts on Disney Channel. I forgot about the game since I didn't have the game system for it. Then, when I was 13, I started trying to think of what the game was called, when it popped into my head on night. Then when I got some money, I went to Alco and bought it, cause my family got the game system a couple months to a year before! I've been a fan of the games ever since!

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Ah, I remember it well. It was a chance encounter. I was at a Costco with my parents, in 2007. In what little video games they had, I saw Kingdom Hearts II. I remember watching my cousin playing the first one, and I asked my parents to buy it. They let me get it, and I popped it in the PS2. I got hooked on the game, but I didn't know what to do after the 1000 Heartless battle, since I skipped the custcene. I came to this Wiki, and found out that you had to revisit all of the previous worlds. I then proceeded to beat the game, although beating Xigbar took me about a month and a half. I've been playing it ever since.

My dad would play the first game, and I would watch. When my family got the 2nd game, my brother would play that. When I finally started to play it, all I did was run around 'cause I was affraid of the heartless. I didn't actully start playing it untill I was in 5th grade. I got days 2 weeks after it came out. My brother got RECOM for easter, and I played that all day for bout a week and bet Sora's story. I watched WAAAAAAY too many BBS previews, and so I used all my money just to get a psp and BBS.--Laurxafinal 00:06, January 7, 2011 (UTC)

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Wow, so there is a "Sora" on this site... Oh, sorry. Off topic, continue. (Why do I feel sorta' intimidated?)

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His username isn't actually Sora, it's Soxra.

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There was an intriguing commercial on the Disney Channel back when it wasn't lame. You know, before Shia attempted to be a serious actor after Even Stevens... oh Shia... so lame.

It's actually very simple; at first completely randomly I watched a video that showed Sora vs. Larxene(in KH2FM) and one year later I was in my favorite video games store and I saw Kingdom hearts II. At first I wasn't aware it was the same game(just not FM) but the game looked pretty good so I planned to buy it when the holy day ****** comes. A few months later ****** come and I got Kingdom Hearts II and it was so much fun I played it every day and it was the best ****** ever. After I finished the game I played Kingdom Hearts and so I've become a Kingdom Hearts fan.(User:Sapiro)

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my story is simple. i saw the commercial on TV and got it for christmas

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I think I like Raxz's the most XD. Oh and sorry about the misreading Soxra, just count this as yet another AROS-pwnd moment! EDIT: Okay, I just can't seem to learn, is it Raxz or Al1996?

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I became a fan just this past summer. My friend happened to be a huge KH fan, and one day when he came over he brought the first game. We played thru the beginning together, but for some reason I didn't really like it that much. But I asked him if I could borrow it cuz I had nothing better to do. On my second playthru I began to really like it (not sure why it took so long), and then my friend let me borrow KHII after I had beaten the first. It was while I was playing KHII that I really started to love the series. I eventually got copies of both games for myself, and I've beaten the second almost 4 times now. As you can see, I've come far for such a short time.

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