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I'm sure that people have been asking this question for a long time, but it's never really been answered. Here we go, we all know that, supposedly, nobodies are stronger than heartless, however, I think (this is my opinion) that the final boss fight with Ansem was alot, and I mean ALOT harder then the one in KH2. This probably means that Xemnas and Ansem are at least equall in power, that is why I put this question here, if Xemnas and Ansem (Xehanort's heartless) were to duke it out, then who would win?

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Earthshaker Keychain KHBBS.png Xemnas would win. Not because he is my theme, but because it is proven in KH2 that Nobodies are stronger than Heartless.
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I agree that Xemnas would win. I think so because of his speed and strength. I was on proud mode when fighting Xemnas, even at level 99, but it was still challenging.
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First off I never got why people said that Xemnas' final fight was easy, I found it challenging.

Also what kind of fight are we talkin' 'bout here. Is it anything goes or a mano-e-mano. Because if it's anything goes I got the feeling that the Organization could easily band together and take on the World of Chaos. Mano-e-mano I think Ansem would win with those razor throwing discs he throws.

Well, I dunno. Why would they fight, aren't they like family? It would still be cool, though. And if Xehanort would come outta NOWHERE with a Kingdom Key D, and fight them in a battle of Being, Nobody, and Heartless, it'd be awesome! J.Severe

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Here's a thought, we know that Xemnas is strong because he used his full power in the final fight, but what about Ansem? We still don't know alot about him, and compared to Xemnas who died after the last hit, Ansem was still alive, and he tried to call upon the powers of darkness from Kingdom Hearts to give him more strength, which we all know backfired. However, he was still around inside Riku, even if he wasn't at full strength, so it may show that he may be still around, but Xemnas is not, since he's a nobody and most nobodies are doomed to fade back into darkness. And to the statement I said earlier, we really don't know a lot about him. Compared to Xemnas who we all know about immediately and ironically, had a plan similar to Sephiroth's in FF7, Ansem's, is just for the sake of it, that's pretty scary if you ask me. Where Ansem continues destroying so many worlds, Xemnas was just biding his time to use KH to become a complete God like being.

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Items-44-Herc's Shield.pngTechnically, Xemnas should be the strongest because Ansem never got his strength until he invaded Riku's Heart so without Riku, Ansem would be weak and still in that weird Brown Cloak.

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Heartless Emblem.pngI don't think anyone so far has considered SORA in those fights. In KHI, Sora could only do like 5 hit, normal attack combos at best. In KHII, Sora can do like 8 attacks in a combo, half of which are pretty impossible to do (explosion, aerial finish, cough cough). So yeah, Xemnas would be a bit easier that Ansem. But in the end, I think Xemnas is tougher because of all his powerful attacks. He can fire lasers, duplicate himself, teleport, attack from nowhere, and even managed to severely injure Riku. All Ansem did was bat you around with his soul-eater staff. :P
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