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Charged Shot

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Charged Shot (チャージショット Chāji Shotto?, lit. "Charge Shot") is an ability in Kingdom Hearts III. It allows the user to charge up energy and release it as a projectile.


In Kingdom Hearts III, Charged Shot is an action ability exclusive to the Magic Launcher and Hunny Launcher Formchanges. When using these Formchanges, holding R2 activates Auto-Shot (シューターモード Shūtā Mōdo?, lit. "Shooter Mode"), changing the camera to a third-person over-the-shooter perspective as Sora launches a single projectile from the Formchange that delivers massive damage, with his aim shown as a red reticle. He can use Right Stick to adjust the reticle. Holding the button for one second fully charges the projectile, increasing its damage and blast radius.

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