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I think it might be Xehonort


This is just a shot in the dark.. but what if it is some form of Ventus. Look at it, he holds he's blades in reverse weild and he does alot of attacks that are in BbS. I'm not say he is ven but like a nobody or something like that. Xemnas8 18:24 October 6, 2010 (UTC)

this is probably unoriginal but what if it's a forgotten member of Organization XIII? one that was on a special mission or that left but was never dealt with. Or Xehanort in a new enemy form that has yet to be shown.--Memorized

I think it's someone we haven't yet seen. Nomura has said whoever it is is in the same vein as the Lingering Sentiment of KHIIFM+. Quote from the latest Dengeki issue: This new character must be someone involved in the story, right?

Nomura: I think it’d seem so, but at the point in time of Birth by Sleep, this person’s true figure isn’t fully understood. Similar to the way the Lingering Sentiment was, its a character who at the present time is an existence of mystery.

So that's what I'm basing this on.Edit: Sorry for not signing --WheelyRampage 08:16, July 16, 2010 (UTC)

You didn't sign your posts...Anyway. Unknown shall remain the way he/she is,Unknown. Naruto195 07:27, July 16, 2010 (UTC)

It cannot be Ansem, Xehanort or an Organization member. People need to remember that the Black Coat is not exclusive to the Organization and that these coats have existed long before the Organization's formation. Kaihedgie 07:52, July 16, 2010 (UTC)

hmm it could be a failed apprentice of Master Xehanort now trying to redeem himself for his old master.--Memorized

He can't be an apprentice unless he has a Keyblade and judging from the only attacks we've seen so far in the trailer, none of his attacks seem to be dark-aligned Kaihedgie 15:38, July 18, 2010 (UTC)

Nomura said that at this point, "New-Unknown" (or maybe "Neo-Unknown", that sounds cooler) is as mysterious as the Lingering Sentiment was when it first appeared in KH2FM+, except as far as we know, he hasn't appeared in any secret movies. Also, because of that, we don't know if he is related or connected to anyone we know of so far, other than Xemnas because of it's weapon's and cloak. Because of that, he might be connected to Xehanort in some way or another, which might explain Xemnas's inspiration of weapons (other than watching WAY to many Star Wars movies). However, this is not sertain, because aside from secret movies, Lingering Sentiment's identity was completly new and never before seen, so this guy is anything like the Lingering Sentiment, then we have no absolute idea of what he looks like. One small theory I have is that it could be Ansem the Wise, since he is the only other person we have seen with a black coat and hood up besides MX. However, that doesn't make any logical sense. But Nomura did say that this character's existince in the game could go against everything expected in the seiries and not make any sense at all (but I might be confused with what he said about Kingdom Hearts 3D). But still, if that was the case, then maybe, just maybe, he could be... nah, no way! Unless, ... (Avatar: The Last Airbender fans better be ready for an epic Sokka moment) HE'S FROM THE FUTURE!! (get's smaked with own boomerang by Katara XD)! Seiously though, this guy's identity is in the air. But if by some crazey chance it was Ansem, who already has a small speaking role in the game, than this character would probably be able to speak, which might confirm at least some truth, but if he is silent, than that theory is as good as garbage. But anyway, I digress. AROS 09:01, July 18, 2010 (UTC)

Mabye they really are going to make O.F. into a game and it's one of the O.F. members, because O.F. wear black coats!!! But this is very unlikley, but still possible!!! And one of the members, Xobb, has etheral blades.

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Nobody.png I believe that it is Xemnas. And I actually agre with AROS about the future thing. It may be Xemnas from the future. Though either he came back in time somehow through his powers over nothingness or perhaps Luxord could have played a role? Seeing as Luxord controls time and all. I'm not saying it's Luxord, just in case anyone thinks I am, I'm saying that Luxord helped Xemnas go back in time.

So much more ridiculous notions. Just because he has weapons that look like Ethereal Blades doesn't mean it is him. It would destroy the whole point of Nomura's statement of this mysterious character being someone we did not expect.

Luxord? Really? ....Why? Just because his element's Time doesn't really mean a darn thing considering the fact he's one of the WEAKER members of the group

Honestly, guys. Wild assumptions may be a tiny bit of a given regarding KH, but geez, have some common sense. Start actually thinking. Not every single solitary person wearing the Black Coat is an Organization member. Riku, Mickey, Ansem and Master Xehaonrt have all worn this coat. All of these members are dead. Dead and gone. There's not a thing in either BBS or KHIIFM that suggests any of this. This is an entirely new character whose powers clearly eclipse that of Xemnas' wielding completely different weapons. That's all there is to it. Kaihedgie 21:13, August 3, 2010 (UTC)

Kaihedgie 21:09, August 3, 2010 (UTC)

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Vsymbol.pngWoah! Dude! Calm down, let loose, and have fun. It's not gonna make sense till later anyway so just chill and have fun guessing. And hey, the boss could even be in there for a fun challenge instead of to make sense. Who knows. It could turn out to be Sora's Journal taking the form of Xemnas and going back in time for all I care. Let the imagination take hold for a moment and make any suggestion that sounds like a possibility. And so what if Luxord is one of the weakest, perhaps he had some powers handy to Xemnas and that's why he kept him around, instead of sending him to CO with the other doomed Org. XIII members.

Once again, none of the new scenes in KHIIFM never suggested any of this. Demyx wasn't sent to CO either and he's one of the weaker members as well.

You also really need to take account of the fact that these weapons, although bear an insignia, are not that of a Nobody's. Kaihedgie 14:42, August 4, 2010 (UTC)

maggosh ...the flint is struck. "Maybe I should punish you after all."

"Come on! Show a little backbone!"

Insignia...yeah, they clearly have the Nobody insignia. Seriously, Kai, loosen up. Open your mind. Speculate. Right now there are no right or wrong answers.

Speculating doesn't necessarily involve throwing away common sense.

Did you actually look at the weapons? There's really no reason to automatically boil down this figure's identity to some Organization member solely for the fact that he wears the coat. Kaihedgie 05:58, August 5, 2010 (UTC)

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for all we know it could be an unversed since the games only enemy is the unversed. could be an off shoot replica of vanitas or some other unversed. i don't think he's a nobody because they werent made yet plus judging by the fact that xehanort has been part of the heartless, nobody problems in the game could be some kinda unversed for him since he merges with terra. and from the looks of him he may be the inspiration for the orginazations coat if thats the case i know where hes hiding. the Radiant garden.

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20px-Pin_000.png Maybe we won't understand what it is even when the game comes out in America? For example, I bet people in Japan were wondering about the Lingering Sentiment when KHIIFM came out, and it wasn't explained until BBS, which was a few years later. Maybe it will be explained in one of the unannounced games or KH3D.
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Especially because he's comparing it to the Sentiment, I think it is either young Xehanort, or possibly Xehanort's master - like the Sentiment, a remnant of a predecessor to the current Keyblade wielder. However, Xehanort's master seemed strict about using the armor, not cloaks of darkness, so it's probably not him.

So, I'm saying young Xehanort, and those are either his Keyblade, or the beginnings of him practicing with unorthodox techniques.

Re:Chitalian - they did know that it was the brown haired knight, as soon as it came out, and that it was from the past.

So if it can't be an org member because they didnt exist at that time, and it's not Xehanort because Aqua never fought him outside of Terra and he would of used his keyblade, then I believe it's someone tied to the Keyblade Wars, They were recently elaborated on slightly and they will be explained sooner or later, I don't mean that they were a keyblade master as they would've had a keyblade rather than those Blades of Light, but maybe something that witnessed and survived the wars? (Leviathan657 15:31, August 6, 2010 (UTC))

Chitalian8 Say... — Only by allowing strangers in can we find new ways to be ourselves.

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20px-Pin_000.png Re:KrytenKoro - They knew it was the Brown Haired Knight, but they might not've known that it was just his armor, or why he was talking about his hatred for Xehanort.

I think that it is Master Eraugs & Master Xehanort's old master(though some people are considering him(their master) to be Yen Sid), because there is hardly any information(if any) on him, including whether or not he is alive. this could easily be the unknown, because it would explain where Xehanort got(the idea for) the cloak, and possibly where Xemnas got (the idea for) the etheral blades. --Vanitas

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Vanitas Sprite KHBBS.pngMaybe its Master Xehanort's Nobody. I mean, he lost his heart, and im sure since he was a keyblade master his heart would have been strong enough to produce a pretty powerful nobody. Not sure whats with thhandled ethereal blades but hey

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I agree. I think it's Master Xehanort's Nobody. MX stabbed himself with a keyblade like Sora did and Roxas popped up.

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I actually agree that he’s a time traveler. Look at the keyblade that you receive, it’s based on time, and there’s an hourglass keychain.

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Even his moves are time-based techniques. One of them even involves reverting time (after he got knocked down, he reverts time to stand up again and regained his health before he gets knocked down) And another time-based technique is some kind of a doom spell he used

There are a couple of theories here that I like. Namely, the Unknown being a time traveller, and him being Master Xehanort's 'Nobody'. To the first, I'd say that it's definitely possible. Xemnas the powers of the other Org members, it's possible he could have made a replica of himself with time based powers and sent him back in time for whatever reason. To the second, 'Nobody' is not the strictest sense of the word here. In this case Xehanort's body didn't disappear into darkness but into light. So the empty vessel could come back as a 'Nobody' with Xehanort's soul, but he wouldn't be a Nobody in the sense that the Org are. Adam 148 18:52, September 26, 2010 (UTC)

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Personally, in keeping with what I said previously, my best theory right now is that the Neo-Unknown (hope that catches on) is probably a Time-Traveling Ansem the Wise. Now, although that is my best, there is still room for doubt in certain areas. Like, how would Ansem gain the ability to time-travel (let alone escape the Realm of Darkness), gain all of these powers and abilities and Xemnas-escqe weapons (I mean come on, the dude is like around 60 years old or something, though I guess that didn't stop Master Xehanort), and why would he attack the people who need to be saved (and how could he, because unless you have a hall-pass, you can't time travel into three different realities/perspectives without greatly wounding the Space/Time Continuem)? The other thing is that watching past canon secret bosses, he may or may not have some kind of connection to Xehanort (either direct like Xemnas or indirect like Lingering Will), but it's all out there at this moment. We probably won't get a good idea until future games like 3D or more likely, BbS Vol. 2 (I almost forgot about the second game slot they had besides 3D).