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Disney Town Pass

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Disney Town Pass
Disney Town Pass
"A lifetime passport to Disney Town."
Japanese ディズニータウン招待券
Rōmaji Dizunītaun Shōtai-ken

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Disney Town Pass

The Disney Town Pass is a key item that appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. The pass grants its holder access to Disney Town. Ventus obtains it after protecting Scrooge McDuck from Unversed in Radiant Garden, while Terra and Aqua obtain it after battling the Trinity Armor.


Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

When Ventus visits Radiant Garden, he sees a swarm of Unversed is about to attack Scrooge McDuck; the Keyblade wielder defends him. After Ventus defeats all of the Unversed, Scrooge gives him three Disney Town Passes to express his gratitude. Scrooge tells Ventus to bring "two grown-ups".

After Ventus defeats the Trinity Armor with Terra and Aqua, he eagerly gives his friends a Disney Town Pass of their own.