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Xehanort, also known as "Young Xehanort" or "Master Xehanort," is a Keyblade Master and the main antagonist of the Xehanort Saga.

The name Xehanort may also refer to:

  • Young Xehanort, the time-traveling younger version of Xehanort.
  • Terra-Xehanort, who is sometimes referred to as "Xehanort," is the result of Master Xehanort possessing Terra's body.
  • Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, the Heartless of Terra-Xehanort who is sometimes referred to as only Xehanort's Heartless.
  • Xemnas, the Nobody of Terra-Xehanort, who is sometimes referred to as "Xehanort".

See also[edit]

  • The Real Organization XIII, who are a group of thirteen made up of both incarnations of Xehanort and beings who act as vessels for fragments of Xehanort's heart.
  • Riku-Ansem, the form Riku takes to impersonate Ansem, Xehanort's Heartless.
  • Anti-Aqua, the form Aqua takes when under the influence of Xehanort.
  • Replica Xehanorts, replicas of the real Organization XIII members.
  • No Heart, a data simulation of Xehanort in his Keyblade Armor fought in the Mirage Arena.