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Wrath of Darkness

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Wrath of Darkness (闇への流出 Yami e no Ryūshutsu?, lit. "Bleeding into Darkness") is a technique in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. It is randomly inserted into the hero's deck while fighting No Heart.

Wrath of Darkness allows the user to fire a single orb of darkness at an opponent. If it hits an opponent, it deals minor damage, but also inflicts a status effect on the user.


In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, Wrath of Darkness is a Command that replaces one slot in the Command Deck, has a normal reload time of 4 seconds, and fills the Command Gauge by 5%. Each time it is used, it will inflict a more cumbersome status effect on the protagonist, starting with Blindness, then progressing to Confusion, Poison, and finally, Doom. It cannot be retained outside of the No Heart boss battle.