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Victory Pose

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Victory Pose
(歓喜 Kanki?, lit. "Delight")
Ventus using Victory Pose in the Keyblade Graveyard.
Victory Pose (Aqua) KHBBS.gif
Strike a victory pose. You might just be glad you did.
LV CP Required Attack No. of Hits Power
LV1 Victory Pose
Element Status Effect Reload Speed Command Gauge
5 seconds +0
Buy Sell
Price Shop LV Base LV Bonus Ability Bonus
100 medals 1 125 munny

Victory Pose is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. It allows the user to strike a pose, gaining Experience equal to three times the last Experience gained in the area.


In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Victory Pose is an Advanced Friendship Command that takes up one slot in the Command Deck, has a maximum level of 1, and a normal reload time of 5 seconds. The experience earned is three times the value of the last experience obtained in the area. If Victory Pose is used after gaining experience through EXP Walker, 3 experience is obtained. Using Victory Pose again without gaining experience in-between has no effect.

Learning Victory Pose[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Replaces Taunt from previous releases of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.