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Mysterious Figure KHFM.png
Rex Ronald Rilander
Rex Pryde
The toughest guy you'll ever meet.
The ultimate copycat.
Metal Mastermind.
The King of All Trades
No. 0: The Fool
Residences Traverse Town Logo KH3D.pngRadiant Garden Logo KHII.png


"You don't know a thing about me. Don't act like you do."
—Rex exhibiting his harsher side.


"Please hold all questions until after I have kicked your butts."
—Rex showing off his confidence while showing off.


Dream Sword KH.png
Dream Shield KH.png
Kingdom Key KHII.png
Soul Eater KH.png
Pumpkinhead KH.png
Metal Chocobo KH.png
Lady Luck KH.png
Keyblade of heart KH.png
Oathkeeper KHII.png
Oblivion KHII.png
Ultima Weapon KH.png
Kingdom Key D KHII.png
Star Seeker KHII.png
Hero's Crest KHII.png
Guardian Soul KHII.png
Sleeping Lion KHII.png
Bond of Flame KHII.png
Two Become One KHIIFM.png
Way to the Dawn KHII.png
Fatal Crest KHII.png
Ultima Weapon KHII.png
Winner's Proof KHIIFM.png
Fenrir KHII.png
Omega Weapon KHD.png
Earthshaker KHBBS.png
Ends of the Earth KHBBS.png
Chaos Ripper KHBBS.png
Wayward Wind KHBBS.png
Brightcrest KHBBS.png
Mark of a Hero (Terra) KHBBS.png
Hyperdrive (Terra) KHBBS.png
Sweetstack (Terra) KHBBS.png
Ultima Weapon (Terra) KHBBS.png
No Name (Terra) KHBBS.png
Royal Radiance (Terra) KHBBSFM.png
Void Gear (Vanitas) KHBBS.png
No Name KHBBS.png
Dual Disc KH3D.png
Counterpoint KH3D.png
Divewing KH3D.png
Nightmare's End Reality Shift Keyblade KH3D.png
Mirage Split Reality Shift Keyblade KH3D.png
Combined Keyblade KH3D.png
End of Pain KH3D.png
Unbound KH3D.png
Ultima Weapon KH3D.png
Kingdom Key (Armored Ventus Nightmare) KH3D.png
Starlight (Base) KHX.png
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