Silver Ring

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This article is about the accessory.
You may be looking for the key item.
Kingdom Hearts II
Silver Ring
Silver Ring
"Increases magic and slightly increases maximum AP."
Katakana シルバーリング
Rōmaji Shirubā Ringu
Strength Magic Buy Sell
+0 +1 160 80
AP Ability
+1 None
Monty's Moogle Shop

The Silver Ring is an accessory found in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.


The Silver Ring, true to its name, is a thin, dark silver ring. The front of the ring is much wider and has a large, black circle on it. A silver symbol identical to the crown charm on Sora's necklace is placed in the center of this circle. Thin, black patterns decorate the sides of the circle and the base of the ring.

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