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Orichalcum Ring

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This article is about the ring.
You may be looking for the synthesis material.
Kingdom Hearts II
Orichalcum Ring
Orichalcum Ring
"Increases magic and drastically increases maximum AP."
Japanese オリハルコンリング
Rōmaji Oriharukon Ringu
Strength Magic AP
+0 +1 +5
Buy Sell
Item Synthesis
Kingdom Hearts III
Orichalcum Ring
Orichalcum Ring
"Grants an incredible boost in Strength and a small boost in Maximum AP."
Japanese オリハルリング
Rōmaji Oriharu Ringu
Translation Orichal Ring
Strength Magic AP
+6 +0 +10
Cure Converter
Buy Sell
Item Synthesis; Photograph 60 Lucky Emblems

The Orichalcum Ring is an accessory that is found in Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix, and Kingdom Hearts III.


In Kingdom Hearts II, the Orichalcum Ring is a thin, steel blue ring. The front of the ring is much wider and has a large, black circle on it. A steel blue symbol identical to the crown charm on Sora's necklace is placed in the center of this circle. Thin, black patterns decorate the sides of the circle and the base of the ring.

In Kingdom Hearts III, the Orichalcum Ring has a gold gear-shaped inner ring surrounded by a round purple outer ring. The outer ring has four purple gems placed around it, with purple filligree between them.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Mythril Ring KHII.png Mythril Ring
Requires Obtain 5 types of materials Ingredients Mythril Crystal KHII.png Mythril Crystal x3
Power Stone KHII.png Power Stone x1
Dark Stone KHII.png Dark Stone x1
Dark Shard KHII.png Dark Shard x1
Rank C
EXP 17
Orichalcum Ring KHII.png Orichalcum Ring
Requires Junior Moogle (LV3) Modifier Serenity Shard KHII.png Serenity Shard x 1

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

The Orichalcum Ring Orichalcum Ring
Requires Obtain 45 types of materials
Ingredients The Orichalcum material sprite Orichalcum x1
The Pulsing Crystal material sprite Pulsing Crystal x1
The Pulsing Gem material sprite Pulsing Gem x3

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