Master's Necklace

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Kingdom Hearts III
Master's Necklace
Master's Necklace
"An incomparable necklace that confers a variety of bonuses."
Japanese マスターネックレス
Rōmaji Masutā Nekkuresu
Translation Master Necklace
Strength Magic AP
+3 +3 +16
MP Haste
Buy Sell
Ghost Ship fleet (30%); photograph 45 Lucky Emblems.

The Master's Necklace is an accessory introduced in Kingdom Hearts III.

Other appearances[edit]

In Kingdom Hearts III, the Master's Necklace was originally intended to have eight different variants. In addition to the version in the final game, variants which switch out the +3 Strength and +3 Magic for Aero Boost, Wizard's Ruse, Withstand Combo, Damage Syphon, MP Thrift, Berserk Charge, or Dark Syphon exist in the game's code.

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