Bronze Necklace

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Kingdom Hearts III
Bronze Necklace
Bronze Necklace
"Confers a variety of bonuses."
Japanese ブロンズネックレス
Rōmaji Buronzu Nekkuresu
Strength Magic AP
+1 +1 +5
MP Haste
Buy Sell
Chest at the Cliff Ascent; defeat Heartless on deck of a Treasure Ship (50%)

The Bronze Necklace is an accessory introduced in Kingdom Hearts III.


The Bronze Necklace consists of a pendant on a bronze chain. The bronze pendant is circular, with a lighter colored crown symbol and a ring of red around the outside.

Other appearances[edit]

In Kingdom Hearts III, the Bronze Necklace was originally intended to have thirteen different variants. In addition to the version in the final game, variants which switch out the +1 Strength and +1 Magic for Defender, Extra Cast, Full MP Blast, Lucky Strike, HP Converter, MP Converter, Munny Converter, Burn Protection, Cloud Protection, Sneeze Protection, Freeze Protection, or Electric Protection exist in the game's code.

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