Silver Necklace

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Kingdom Hearts III
Silver Necklace
Silver Necklace
"A supreme necklace that confers a variety of bonuses."
Japanese シルバーネックレス
Rōmaji Shirubā Nekkuresu
Strength Magic AP
+2 +2 +10
MP Haste
Buy Sell
Dropped by Black Ship fleet after boarding (30%); chest at the Isla De Los Mástiles.

The Silver Necklace is an accessory introduced in Kingdom Hearts III.

Other appearances[edit]

In Kingdom Hearts III, the Silver Necklace was originally intended to have twelve different variants. In addition to the version in the final game, variants which switch out the +2 Strength and +2 Magic for Blizzard Boost, Water Boost, Magic Treasure Magnet, Second Chance, Stun Protection, Item Boost, Fire Syphon, Blizzard Syphon, Thunder Syphon, Water Syphon, or Aero Syphon exist in the game's code.

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