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Blizzard Choker

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Kingdom Hearts III
Blizzard Choker
Blizzard Choker
"Grants a small boost in Defense and Blizzard Resistance."
Japanese ブリザドチョーカー
Rōmaji Burizado Chōkā
Fire Blizzard Thunder
+0% +20% +0%
Water Aero Dark
+0% +0% +0%
Blizzard Syphon
Buy Sell
1000[1] 250
Chest at the Treescape; Item Synthesis; possible reward for defeating the Heartless aboard a Heartless ship.

The Blizzard Choker is a type of armor introduced in Kingdom Hearts III.



Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

The Blizzard Choker sprite Blizzard Choker
Requires Obtain 4 different synthesis materials
Ingredients The Mythril Shard material sprite Mythril Shard x3
The Frost Stone material sprite Frost Stone x2
The Frost Shard material sprite Frost Shard x5

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Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ The Blizzard Choker can be bought after obtaining the M.O.G. Card.