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Within the past years, signatures have been growing more obtrusive of the structure of text within talk pages and has led to a policy being made. This policy maintains that all users have fairly non-text mangling signatures that do not change the format of the text in a page. The following is a list of what requirements a signature needs to be allowed on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki.

Signature Requirements[edit]

  • All signatures must clearly display the username of the posting user. Since this is the English Kingdom Hearts Wiki, all signatures must also use a Latin script (A, B, C ... X, Y, Z) to display the username, however initials and such, if mouseover-enabled, are allowed.
    • If a signature uses any other form of language such as Japanese or French, this is allowed however your username must still be present in English.
  • All signatures must be followed or include a timestamp. This is not a large issue since this is already being done for the most part, but without a timestamp, we cannot tell when a discussion has taken place, and therefore its relevance/acknowledgment of other related discussions.
  • Images, if used, must be within 15-17px, but the absolute limit is 17px, no larger.
  • All signatures must link to at least the central user page of the posting user, i.e. not their "Userpage+" or user sub-page. Those can be linked to as well, of course, but the central user page is a necessity.
ADDITIONALLY images must comply under site rules.

Examples of Signatures that follow the rules can be seen below:
Erry: Erry uEPKV.png
KrytenKoro: "We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro)
DoorToNothing: DTN Room Core.png
Pea14733: Pea14733 ---- [闇]
UxieLover1994: UxieLover1994
TheSilentHero: TheSilentHero