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Yaaay...another project. (waves flag)

Okay, for this one, here's the idea:

  • We need to verify the names of every room, as listed on the pause screen. User talk:KrytenKoro/Items has a list for Days.
  • A while back, we decided to redirect the articles on singular rooms. They were supposed to be merged, but in many places, that didn't happen. Look for the past history of the redirects, and try to salvage the info. If the article was deleted, ask an admin for the text, and they will be able to post it on a sub-page here until it's merged properly.
  • Every world page should have, as the first section (not lead paragraph), a summary of the rooms throughout the world. These should basically function as miniature lead paragraphs, as if these were individual articles. The room's name should be bolded only in its section, as you would a lead paragraph, and should be the full, proper name everywhere that it is reasonable. (Ex., if a room name is "Cave of Wonders: Treasure Room", you can just call it "Treasure Room" after the first time, but don't bold it.) Any non-formally named rooms, such as the "Computer Room" at TWTNW, should not be bolded, but can still have their own section. If we have official artwork for the room, it should be placed in this section, or possibly in a gallery if it gets unwieldy.
    • At the beginning of these paragraphs should be the <span id="BuildKing"></span> code, with the "BuildKing" being replaced by "roomname". This will allow links from around the wiki to direct straight to that paragraph, without needing an ugly header.
  • I've made a new World infobox that combines many of the sub templates we've been using (I.e., the world directory and World Music templates), as well as the various world and logo images, and the IL links. You can see it in use at Traverse Town and Hollow Bastion.
    • This means that, once the new infobox is added, the nihongo template in the lead paragraph can be removed, as can the music templates lower down, and the world directory at the bottom of the page.
    • This template includes IL linking as well, like the Enemy template, so delete those, as well as any categories with "world" in their name.
    • It ALSO includes a section for journal entries. These should cover all of the journal entries that worlds get - usually, these are the "chronicles". I think in KHII, these are listed as tasks or something, so we may have to discuss that.
    • "Allies" should ONLY include the party members you get, and "assistants" should only include those that temporarily fight for you, though this might be somewhat wide in worlds like 100 Acre Wood. The games they appear in should be specified using the superscript templates. ({{CoM}}, etc.)
    • The film origin should be a Wikipedia link, and list the year of the film, just as the journals do.
  • General cleanup of story sections. Many of these are still out-universe, and have stuff like "In Kingdom Hearts II, this happens." They should be as direct a synopsis as possible.
  • Characters gallery: Do we need to list the games each appeared in? It looks somewhat messy to me, and their own articles list their appearances. Also, just so everyone knows, the last consensus was that we show all inhabitants of a world, meaning everyone you see that isn't explicitly a visitor - so, Traverse Town would list everyone living there, such as Gepetto, while Monstro would be basically empty. Also, these should either be in Journal order, or alphabetical. Also, how do we want to list characters that aren't listed in the journal, don't have official names, or are mentioned but don't appear? Some of these even have recorded voicework, so we can't totally ignore them.
  • Enemies galleries: A listing of every enemy who appears in that world. Standard business.
  • Mini-games: These should be almost like mini-Mission articles. There's much more to say about these than we usually do, such as the Jiminy objectives and rewards, and we should give at least a basic winning strategy. Again, we need to make sure we are using the official in-game name for these, though. We might even look into splitting these into separate articles, like we do with the Cups.
  • Treasures/Trinities/Dalmatians/Puzzle Pieces: I really like how bulbapedia does this. In fact, a direct port of the treasure template they use in route articles would be almost perfect. If someone familiar with that coding could develop collapsible, possibly image-containing lists like they use, that would be awesome. As before, we need to make sure the listed locations use the official names. If possible, we also need to differentiate between "treasure chests" and "hidden rewards" (stuff like giving elixirs to the flowers in Wonderland).

Anyway, if anyone has critiques or comments on any of these goals, please discuss on the talk page.


Some of the Enemy galleries have been modified, with the argument that "They appeared in the CO facsimile in CoM, not the real world"

That is an accurate argument, but it means that we would need to do the same for all CoM and coded enemies, and place them in the world articles for each game. It would also logically mean removing CoM from each main world article entirely, and merging it into World Cards.

If people want to do this, that's acceptable (I feel the World Cards article should have some form of Enemy galleries). However, it's pretty much all or nothing. We can't say that CoM counts for the world partially, but not all the way.Glorious CHAOS! 19:15, June 21, 2010 (UTC)