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Featured projects draw attention to a project or section of the wiki that needs work. It changes quarterly and is showcased in the Twilight Times magazine. The featured project is a revamp of the Cleanup of the Month.

Visit the voting page to nominate your own mini-project or vote in support of others' projects.


Quarter 2[edit]

Command Board Logo KHBBS.png

This quarter, we'll be revamping the Command Board pages. First of all, we're going to collect all the information in this forum. We also have to decide how exactly we want the pages to look. We've got Ultimania scans for all the information, but if you're not good with Japanese, you can also get the information from the game itself. If you're interested, please join the discussion on the forum page.

Quarter 1[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Logo KH3D.png

For this issue, we're working on Project: Dream, set up to tackle Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. The ultimate aim is to cover every aspect of the game extensively, but the tasks listed on the forum are a good place to start. We're looking for people to fill out Design sections of Dream Eater articles, add stats from the Ultimania guide, fix broken links and add categories. All the necessary instructions are described so if you're a fan of the game, come and help out. Don't be afraid to ask questions on the forum page!


Quarter 4[edit]

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For this quarter, we're focusing on Reaction Commands, a mechanic that's fairly major to the series yet badly covered on our wiki. The plan is to list every Reaction Command of every game in a table that covers the command's name, description, and trigger context. For Kingdom Hearts II, much of the information is already on the page under hidden text, but they need to be merged into the table to work effectively. We know a lot less about Reaction Commands from other games, such as Birth by Sleep, Re:coded, and Dream Drop Distance, so we need to pool together information for these. Visit the article's talk page for more guidance and don't be shy in helping out!