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No longer running, please see the Featured Project instead. This page serves only as an archive.

The Cleanup of the Month is a quartely event that involves users deciding on one small section or category of the Wiki that requires cleanup. That section is then taken up as a mini-project next month and editors are encouraged to improve, reformat, and rewrite its articles, adhering to official policies and the Manual of Style. Originally, the event used to run far back in the Wiki's history, however it ran flat after a certain period of term. Fortunately, the idea was revived in July 2014 after a new surge of activity was breathed into the Wiki.

Visit the voting page to nominate your own mini-project or vote in support of others' projects.


May to September[edit]

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For April, we're working on our Redirected Abilities project. Previously, we merged low-key party member abilities into their respective character pages, but with more and more entries we cannot continue to handle them this way. Now, we are creating individual pages for each ability in every game, no matter how insignificant. Help out by creating some ability articles!


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January (current)[edit]

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To start this brand new year, we will be making a major push to further our coverage of Kingdom Hearts χ by focusing on Project: χ. This project is super huge, and entails making articles for the various items, both permanent and event-related, as well as organizing pages so that we can upload all the card images from the game. We also need to refine our Keyblade articles, and add story sections to the articles of the various worlds and characters that appear in the game. Any questions should be posted on the project page, so those who are more knowledgeable in Japanese and can play the game can give us a helping hand! This project is a daunting task, but it's χ to our progress on this wiki, so get to work!